Guardians: Legacy Redefines Marvel’s Cosmic Universe

by Jeff

Due to overwhelming demand for the sold-out Guardians of the Galaxy #1 and #2, Marvel is going back to the press with a special one-shot collecting the first two critically acclaimed issues! Guardians of the Galaxy: Legacy Must-Have introduces Star-Lord and a new rag-tag team of sci-fi heroes determined to protect the cosmos and save the universe! From the acclaimed team of writers, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, featuring a brand new incredibly stunning cover from fan-favorite interior artist, Paul Pelletier – the Guardians of the Galaxy are unleashed in an out of this world book that has become one of 2008’s most popular new series!

The critics have spoken and they love Guardians of the Galaxy!

“The book is fast paced, yet packed with insight and personal interludes, tempered by glorious visual fireworks, making this seem like an under publicized big screen gem set to runaway with more box office receipts than the production studio thought it was worth…This is a summer comic at its very best.” – Doug Zawisza of

“Guardians of the Galaxy further proves there’s plenty of life in the Marvel Universe out among the stars. With a rip-roaringly good cast, trippy visuals… this series has all but cemented its place in my pull list permanently.” – Jesse Schedeen of

“Guardians of the Galaxy is a space adventure that is fun and engaging, and definitely worth your three bucks.” – Steven M. Bari of

“Guardians of the Galaxy is, a tremendous, action-packed extravaganza that pulsates with entertainment and style.” – Nick Budd of

“We’ve got highfalutin space action, and an anthropomorphic raccoon stealing the show… It also helps that this was one of those damn fun comics that you always love to run across.” – Humphrey Lee of

“DnA have the chops to pull off big action oriented sci-fi comic goodness like they have done on Annihilation Conquest and the Nova monthly. The art team is fantastic and should provide beautiful imagery for the duration.” – Robert Tocapina of

Who are these members of this motley crew of extraterrestrial protectors? And how did they band together? This is your chance to find out and catch up on these sold out issues in Guardians of the Galaxy: Legacy Must-Have!

Penciled and Cover by PAUL PELLETIER
Rated T+…$3.99
FOC—7/10/08, On-Sale—7/30/08

GoTGLegacy_Cover Guardians: Legacy Redefines Marvel’s Cosmic Universe

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