Grifter Returns to the DC Universe

by Matt Tuck

Batman-101-Grifter-195x300 Grifter Returns to the DC UniverseWildC.A.T.S.’ Grifter is returning to the DC Universe, but are there bigger implications at work?


The latest Grifter news is piquing the interest of speculators everywhere. DC Comics recently announced that the former Wildstorm Productions character will be appearing in Batman #101. We don’t know what type of role he will play, but odds are he and Batman will be foes, at least initially. If DC decides to make Grifter an ongoing Batman adversary, it would definitely help his popularity and elevate his status in the DC Universe.

Batman-101-Grifter-and-Batman-197x300 Grifter Returns to the DC UniverseWHO IS GRIFTER?

Created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi, Grifter was part of the original creator-owned lineup for Image Comics in 1992. After beginning as a Wildstorm Productions/Image property in the early 1990s, rights to the character moved to DC when the company purchased Lee’s Wildstorm.

In the comics, Grifter was a highly-skilled former soldier and criminal before joining the elite Team 7. There, he was given the code name Deadeye. In a Weapon X-esque plot twist, he was exposed to the Gen Factor experimental compound that granted him telepathy and telekinesis among other powers.


We have not seen much of Grifter in recent years. Since being incorporated into the DC Universe in 2011, Grifter has not garnered much of a following. That begs the question, why suddenly resurrect an unpopular character and pit him against the company’s biggest star? It would seem that DC wants us to take notice of Grifter because there are bigger plans in motion. That is why we are seeing some activity in his first appearance.

Grifter Key Issues

Wildcats-1-200x300 Grifter Returns to the DC UniverseWILDC.A.T.S. COVERT ACTION TEAMS #1

When Image Comics’ creator-owned titles reached the market, Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.S. was one of the company’s early hits. Of course, having Jim Lee’s name emblazoned above the title didn’t hurt.

Since Grifter came into the DC Universe, this issue has been titillating for speculators. Back in 2011, graded 9.8 reached a record high of $100. In the nine years that have followed, there hasn’t been another triple-digit sale, but it does occasionally skim that mark.

Between July 9 and 10, nine 9.8s have sold online, and two of those reached $90. If DC does have bigger plans for Grifter, you will see a new record high.


Grifter-1-2011-195x300 Grifter Returns to the DC UniverseGRIFTER #1 (2011)

The Grifter was introduced to the DC Universe as part of the fallout from Flashpoint. During the New 52, he was given a new solo series, his third volume. Two years later, he surprised fans with an appearance in the animated Flashpoint Paradox.

This issue has never been in high demand, which makes it easy to obtain. A 9.8 hasn’t sold since 2017, and even then it brought just $19. If you dig through the dollar bins, you may even come across one.



Grifter-1-1995-194x300 Grifter Returns to the DC UniverseGRIFTER #1 (1995)

The Grifter fan will want this one in the collection. Even better is that the first issue of Grifter’s original Image Comics solo series is a cheap buy. In fact, you won’t find graded issues listed on the GoCollect database because there haven’t been any graded online sales. Like the 2011 counterpart, you should be able to find one in the dollar bins at your local comic shop.


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