Green Lantern Corps #32 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Green Lantern Corps #32 REVIEW

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Green Lantern Corps #32
DC Comics
Tomasi, Gleason & Buchman

Kryb, the baby stealing Sinestro Corps member, has her day in this issue. Sure, she has the Green Lanterns hypnotized and working for her and she is about to steal another baby, but not everything falls into place for her. This issue has a big battle and the Guardians throw the switch on their latest law. It’s a good issue.

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Kyle breaks Kryb’s spell and helps the other Lanterns to fight back. All of this, while Lantern Amnee is about to give birth. While Kyle battles Kryb, a Sapphire feels the love of the couple about to have a baby and the danger they are in and she comes to aid the Green Lanterns.

Eventually, the combined team takes out Kryb and the decision must be made about where she goes. Does she go with the Lanterns or the Sapphires. Meanwhile, the baby is delivered safely but the parents are forced to resign from the Corps as the Guardians enact their new law that bans love among the Green Lanterns. All that and a lot more happens along the way here.

The issue really helps to prop up Kryb as a major villain. The funny thing is she looks so odd and slow, but she is powerful and fights off four to five good guys at a time. The story was effective in creating a very interesting character. Though, we never did find out what happened to all the babies she stole. We saw one set free but what about the others?

The new law that the Guardians put in motion helps create a dilemma. Basically, their Corps has been reduced because of the new law and with love looming for both Guy Gardner and Kyle (not with each other mind you) I’m wondering if they will be wearing different color rings in the coming war. Wouldn’t that be interesting if the four Earth Lanterns all find new colors to wear. We’ll see.

The art had a cartoon feel to it, but it didn’t lose the drama when blood was shed. The characters did have a slender face look to them but the style didn’t rob the issue of the action and emotion that it carried. Kryb is a freak and the art shined its best when showing her.

The issue wraps up Kryb for now, but I’m sure we will see her again. It’s nice to see a baby born in this issue instead of abducted. However, seeing a Lantern bite the dust with others resign makes the issue a mix of good and bad. It sure seems like dark times are a coming though. This was a fun issue.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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