Green Lantern Corps #29 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Green Lantern Corps #29 REVIEW

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Green Lantern Corps #29
DC Comics
Tomasi, Gleason, Geraci & Buchman

Well, while Green Lantern proper looks to the past to set up the coming war, this title stays grounded in the present and is doing a bang up job with setting up many plot threads and new characters. This issue deals with the sapphires and gives out one ring while laying down the seeds for possibly another. It’s a great issue that makes excellent use of many characters.

The issue opens with the explanation of the sapphires to help ground the concept of their power and rings. It’s interesting because the sapphires have been a villain of Green Lantern for a long time, but now the Guardians are starting to look at them only now, as a real threat.

aug080164d Green Lantern Corps #29 REVIEW

Then we see a nice couple on a honeymoon. Kered and Miri are young and happy until they run into a floating menace out in space in the form of Mongul. He eats some food and wrecks the honeymoon by killing one of them.

Then, another happy couple: Guy and Ice are seen eating and fighting. Yes, Guy wants Ice to leave Earth and she refuses. Words turn ugly and the reunion ends without really getting started.

The issue concludes with some Lanterns on the hunt of a Sinestro Corps member, Guy and Ice part ways and a new sapphire is christened.

It’s a very good issue. The dialogue between Ice and Guy is outstanding. It captures their argument in a very real fashion and helps to anchor these characters to some real feelings and problems that people might actually have. Another highlight is the introduction of the new sapphire. The story really makes the character’s pain and love felt throughout this issue, making it seem like the character has been part of the cast for years. Plus, a couple of side plots get some page time to help keep the universe of stories and threads growing, even if slowly.

The art is excellent. In some ways, the images feel a little cartoon-like, but I think that is only because of the bright and wide color array. The comic really has a “comic” feel to it and it makes the story so much more enjoyable. The art really captures the pain of the honeymooners as their lives are destroyed.

I can’t recommend this comic enough if you like great character stories or if you like space epics. The comic really opens this arc with such a bang, it almost felt like a wrap up issue. This is going to be an interesting war if the prelude is this good.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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