Green Lantern Corps #28 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Green Lantern Corps #28 REVIEW

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Green Lantern Corps #28
DC Comics
Tomasi, Ross & Laguna

The mysterious deaths of the Green Lantern rookie’s family members are solved as the Lanterns utilize some tricks of their own to track down the killer. The comic gives some great character interaction as well as some systematic detective work. The artwork is awesome adding depth to the drama. The arc may have been small but this is a comic is a story worth picking up.

The issue starts with Guy, Kyle, Kilowog and Salaak trying to figure out from the eyeballs left behind how the people were killed and who killed them. Who better to help them than the Lantern who can speak to the dead: Saarek. While the discussion among the others is focused on whether or not this guy can actually talk to dead people, the real plus is the interaction between them. Salaak has become an integral part of the regular cast and it was great to see Guy, Kilowog and Kyle mix it up with him. The dialogue all felt spot on for the cast.

JUL080143D Green Lantern Corps #28 REVIEW
Green Lantern Corps #28

Saarek can’t seem to provide any information other than a face for the killer. The Lanterns turn toward the ring for help. While the ring is compiling the data we see other rookies beginning to panic. It’s an interesting idea to have the Lanterns staging a mini revolt because they fear for their loved ones. It’s also interesting that the Guardians do nothing about it.

In the interlude Guy also gets a visit from Ice. It’s not a lot to go off of here but we do get to see another side of Guy shine through to help round out his character.

Finally the Lanterns get a fix on the killer and are off to chase him down. They find there isn’t just one and there is a bit of a twist at the end that leaves some stuff open for the future.

The issue is excellent. I am personally getting more out of this series than I am out of Green Lantern main, which is among my favorite on-goings as well. This is because this title makes such great use of such a large cast. In just one issue I feel like I have a handle on Saarek’s personality. I feel this way because we see him interact with so many other known characters. It’s as if he’s been around all along. Sure, he’s been in previous issues but he actually fits in here without needing to be reintroduced. He just enters into the story as easily as Kilowog might.

The artwork is brilliant. The faces of all the Lanterns adds extra weight to their dialogue and helps make the story more real. Or as real as a comic book story based out in space can be. The coloring made the art pop off the page. Just look at the eye color of a certain character on the last page. How cool is that?

The issue did have some oddities. For example, one of the arms is cut off of one of the bad guys and yet when they are all in the science cells none are missing a limb. It’s minor but a touch annoying.

This issue is another link in a long chain of a strong series. As a new reader you might be lost at first but I have some confidence that the plot is straight forward enough that you will enjoy the story and love the characters. Highest possible recommendation.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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