Green Lantern #36 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Green Lantern #36 REVIEW

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Green Lantern #36
DC Comics
Johns, Reis & Albert

Rage of the Red Lanterns spills into Green Lantern proper with this installment and doesn’t skip a beat from the Final Crisis one shot. In fact, I kind of think this issue is better than the Final Crisis one shot because it introduces yet another color and a cast along with it. It’s a terrific issue and it looks like we will need a scorecard soon to keep track of all of the colors and those who represent them.

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The issue opens with Sinestro being strung up by the Red Lanterns. It’s kind of clichéd and a little hokey, but the leader, Atrocitus, preaches a lot to Sinestro, but doesn’t want to kill him. Instead, he wants to bleed him, bleed him bad. Sinestro musters up some strength to talk some trash back in his face. It’s corny but with the art and right attitude in the dialogue it works.

Next up, Hal and Stewart are dragged off to the land of the blue lanterns. There they find Ganthet, his girlfriend and the latest blue lantern recruit. Here we learn about what the blue corps is all about. The main problem is that this corps only has like two members. So the blue lanterns inform Hal and John of their next recruit. This is an outstanding part in the story because it helps reestablish the former Guardians, introduces two new characters, shows the power of the blue ring and gives a preview of the potential new status quo.

The remainder of the issue introduces a new sapphire lantern that has her sights set on John Stewart and the issue reveals a huge secret that Sinestro has that Atrocitus plans to exploit.

This issue is great for a number of reasons. For one, the red lanterns show more of a purpose and direction here than they did in the one shot, which really just introduced them. Secondly, the blue lanterns are fleshed out so well that they feel as though they have been apart of the Green Lantern lore for decades. Lastly, the inclusion of a secret of Sinestro’s helps to bring the character out of his ruthless dictator role for future stories.

The art is terrific. Obviously, color plays a huge role and this issue makes perfect use of the entire spectrum with regards to the rings. However, for me, the highlight was the creativity in the two new character designs. It seems easy to make scary creatures, but to make creatures that instill hope is a difficult task. The artwork here pulls it off very well.

This comic is just putting down the foundation for the upcoming war. Still, it’s an intriguing and entertaining read. I highly recommend this issue.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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