Green Lantern #33

by Jeff
geekgoggle Green Lantern #33

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Green Lantern #33
DC Comics
Johns, Reis & Albert

Part five of the updated origin of Hal Jordan takes us to some familiar ground: the early relationship between Hal and Sinestro. On the surface it seems like there isn’t a whole lot that can be added to this. However, this issue’s strength is the inclusion of Abin Sur’s relationship to Sinestro, the aspect of the red lanterns and yet another botched job by the Guardians. Those little guys are always making friends aren’t they?

This issue opens with some background on William Hand. He, apparently, liked to touch dead bodies that were in his parent’s mortuary. From one mental patient to another, we see the resolution to the attack Hector Hammond lays down on Hal Jordan and Carol. Basically, Sinestro bails him out and he does so with ease, helping to show how inexperienced Jordan is as a Green Lantern.

Next we see Atrocitus up to no good and uttering something about Williams Hand. Then, Hal and Sinestro exchange some words and eventually they get to talking some trash about the Guardians. Basically, Hal and Sinestro find some common ground with regard to the yellow impurity. This really helps plants seeds for the incoming Blackest Night arc. It shows just how much Sinestro and Jordan are alike.

Then, the best part of the story, Abin Sur’s message to Sinestro. It had been locked inside Hal’s ring and the close proximity to Sinestro unlocked it. Abin gives the full story about how the Guardians and their Manhunters destroyed an entire sector. They basically killed every living thing except for five. One of the five to live is Atrocitus. Sinestro realizes he must be on Earth and they rush off to find him, while Atrocitus is off to find William Hand. They all meet up a funeral home.

A great issue. It isn’t the greatest issue in this arc, but the information that Abin serves up really helps to bridge the gap between the Sinestro Corps arc and the upcoming Blackest Night arc. Also, the relationship between Sinestro and Hal is really explored in a new direction with the open dissention of the Guardians and it comes in their first meeting.

Where this issue leaves something to be desired is the Hector Hammond part of the comic. About a third of the issue is spent wrapping this up. When you consider the massive amount of information that gets passed on in the last few pages it feels like this issue wasted time with Hammond. Also, Carol is basically just brushed aside. She has such a tiny role that it almost feels like Hammond stole her lines or something.

The artwork is outstanding. Particularly, the depiction of Sinestro. He looks so strong, jaded and orderly. It’s a perfect rendition. Also, the scenes with Atrocitus are especially powerful. The artwork really only has one snag and that is that the close ups of Hal Jordan seem to vary too much. It’s a little distracting, but I was really taken aback with how great Sinestro and Atrocitus looked.

A strong issue. Not the greatest issue ever, but strong nonetheless. Generally speaking I was hoping for this level of information in each issue of this arc. Better late than never I guess. I am eagerly awaiting the finale.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

may080194d Green Lantern #33
Green Lantern #33

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