Green Lantern #31

by Jeff
geekgoggle Green Lantern #31

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Green Lantern #31
DC Comics
Johns, Reis & Albert

The retelling of the origin of Hal Jordan continues with perhaps the best issue of a very good arc. Hal has the ring and is a Green Lantern. Well, he’s actually a recruit. This issue deals with his training to earn his emblem. However, the issue does address other events around the training that will play a part in further issues in this arc and future arcs. It’s such a great issue.

The issue picks up right where the last one left off. We find out that Carol isn’t really Hector’s girlfriend. In fact, her attitude will help fuel his hatred for Green Lantern down the road. Hal goes back to Abin Sur’s body and buries him. Immediately after this, Green Lantern gets his Lantern and is zoomed off to Oa.

We are then treated to a wide array of Lanterns. Some are very recognizable and others have a familiar look. Either way, this whole trip through Oa is outstanding.

Hal finds the training facilitator in the form of Kilowog. Hal annoys Kilowog instantly. This whole exchange is outstanding. Kilowog demands respect that Hal’s ego can’t give. Kilowog’s brute force and experience only seem to give him a slight edge over the incredible will power of Jordan. All elements of two of the most powerful Green Lanterns are in this comic.

Two short sequences occur on Earth during this time. First, Hector finds Abin’s spaceship. Second, Abin’s killer surfaces alive and well on Earth.

Eventually Hal’s training and curiosity takes him to the Book of Oa. This provides some excellent groundwork for stories that actually did happen, like Emerald Twilight, and stories that haven’t yet been told, like Blackest Night. The inclusion of the Book of Oa at this point really puts the concept into perspective in terms of purpose.

The comic ends with an old friend or two showing up, setting up the next issue. Also, Hal continues to stress over the ring’s weakness to yellow. Ever wonder why much of Oa is yellow, especially in this issue?

This is as close to perfect as you will find for a Green Lantern issue. First of all, anyone can read this, understand it and fall in love with the characters, either for the first time or all over again. Secondly, the artwork is outstanding. Some of the lasting images include the Book of Oa, the cities on Oa and the Lanterns “lighting them up”. The art just has all the right touches on this story. Lastly, this story has a lot to say, it does it quickly and it leaves plenty of room to breathe later on. This issue even gives an answer to a nagging question about why Ganthet has a name and the other guardians don’t.

It’s amazing that I don’t recall too much advertising as this arc being a jump on point for Green Lantern. However, this issue, more than any other is just that. Any of the core pieces a reader needs to know about what it means to be a Green Lantern or about the character of Hal Jordan are in this issue.

At this point I would think most would agree with this issue being terrific and if you aren’t convinced then I am convinced that there is no convincing you. In short, Green Lantern’s core title hasn’t looked this good month in and month out in a long time.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

mar080168d Green Lantern #31
Green Lantern #31

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