Green Hornet Prequel BLOOD TIES arrives in October

by Jeff

GHBT01-Cov-A Green Hornet Prequel BLOOD TIES arrives in OctoberMedia Release — Green Hornet: Blood Ties is a precursor to Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet series, and features the original Green Hornet and Kato in action! Ande Parks and Johnny Desjardins tell the exciting story of the last remains of the Italian Crime Family and the Japanese Yakuza. How did the two-man team of The Green Hornet and Kato bring about the fall of all crime in Century City? Find out in this exciting new mini-series!

“Green Hornet: Blood Ties gives Johnny and I the chance to tell a really rich mob story,” says writer Ande Parks. “We’re telling the story of three families on the wrong side of the law, all trying to work together against the threat Green Hornet and Kato represent to their livelihoods. We get to play with the structure that Kevin created for us, while delving deeper into the criminal underworld of Century City. It’s a blast to work on, especially with Johnny Desjardins providing spectacular artwork.”

“In Green Hornet: Blood Ties, you are going to see a Green Hornet with an attitude, cleaning up the seedy streets of century city,” adds Johnny Desjardins.

“As Ande mentioned, Kevin Smith has given us a ton of great back-story to work with,” stated Nick Barrucci, Dynamite President and Publisher. “Green Hornet: Blood Ties is our chance to expand the world of the original Hornet, and lead directly into the ongoing Hornet series starring Britt Reed and Mulan Kato. Ande Parks is the perfect choice for weaving the threads of organized crime and Johnny Desjardins is a superstar in the making.”

Green Hornet: Blood Ties is written by Ande Parks and features the break-out art of Johnny Desjardins. Johnny Desjardins began his career as David Finch’s protégé and is now one of Dynamite’s up-and-coming artists! If you want to know the whole story behind Kevin Smith’s epic, pick up Green Hornet: Blood Ties #1 this October!

Written by ANDE PARKS • Art & cover by JOHNNY DESJARDINS
32 pages FC • $3.99

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