Green Arrow & Black Canary #11 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Green Arrow & Black Canary #11 REVIEW

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Green Arrow & Black Canary #11
DC Comics
Winick, Norton & Faucher

It would seem we finally know what happened to Connor. After many, many issues of running into new characters and avoiding the big question we seem to have the answer. We don’t know where he is, but it would seem we know why. This issue is one giant explanation. I can’t say everything locks into place but at least we have something to hinge some of the overall story on. It’s an okay issue, but it wasn’t the most entertaining one either. It’s got a lot of obscure characters in it and the main ones barely play a role.

The issue starts with the league of assassins spilling their guts. Basically Batman proves they don’t work for the real Ra’s Al Ghul and they begin talking.

It’s impossible to go further without spoiling the issue so I will try to be vague.

It turns out some sharpshooter was employed to join the league. All of them assumed they were working for Ra’s. They do some odd jobs and eventually are given the directive to take out Green Arrow. The sharpshooter got lazy or tired and missed Ollie and hit Connor instead. After they screwed it up they were ordered to take his body and then Plastic Man (for some unknown reason). Then, one of the assassins fesses up that they knew it wasn’t the real Ra’s but this other person in disguise. There is your cliffhanger.

That’s the whole issue. It’s nice to get the lowdown, but it does leave something to be desired. For one thing, we have no motivation for the mastermind’s involvement at all and we have no explanation of the motivation behind the league’s actions. I guess this could come out next issue but my patience and attention span is wearing thin.

Another problem with this issue is the usage of the cast. Batman and Ollie are the only good guys who have any meaningful lines. Black Canary barely speaks and I’m not even sure Plastic Man is on more than one page. The cast is nearly wasted in this comic. In fact, Batman probably carries the bulk of this issue with Ollie playing the crazed parent role. It’s a let down in terms of character usage.

The artwork is nice. I mean, there isn’t a ton to go off here as there are flashbacks and a lot of standing around. I guess the art is good but it isn’t terribly interesting. I will say that the wide array of characters are very creative in their looks and costumes. I like the page layouts as well.

This issue is new reader friendly in the sense that nothing that happened in the previous ten is really relevant because this is the issue that ties almost everything together. It sounds strange but you didn’t miss too much. I had to chuckle when the first page said “Part Three” when all I could think was that it was “Part Nine or Twelve” really.

I’m glad we got the explanation. I’m glad Batman was in this issue to handle the interrogation. I do like the reveal of the villain at the end. I am disappointed with how the overall cast was handled. It’s a decent but not a must read.

3.5 out of 5 geek goggles

JUN080223D Green Arrow & Black Canary #11 REVIEW

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