Grant Morrison: The Early Years PREVIEW

by Jeff’s first book, Grant Morrison: The Early Years , is here!

Grant Morrison redefined comics in the late 1980s and early 1990s from his trailblazing creation of ZENITH, through his metatextual innovations on ANIMAL MAN, to his Dadaist super-heroics in DOOM PATROL. Along the way, he explored the Batman mythos with his multilayered masterpiece ARKHAM ASYLUM and the literary GOTHIC storyline.

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Grant Morrison: The Early Years
by Timothy Callahan

According to the book’s author, Timothy Callahan, “the book explores the unifying themes of Morrison’s early work, providing a close analysis of stylistic and structural techniques. Morrison is arguably the greatest comic book writer in history, and this book attempts to explain why.”

Grant Morrison: The Early Years examines five of Morrison’s works in detail. Using plain language, Callahan opens up Morrison’s sometimes difficult texts and expands the reader’s appreciation of their significance, creating a study accessible to both Grant Morrison aficionados and those new to his work. An extended interview with Morrison on his early career rounds out the volume.

“The book has already garnered considerable attention online and at February’s New York Comic-Con,” says Publisher Julian Darius. “Author Timothy Callahan has been repeatedly praised in reviews of the book,” Darius reveals, “and cover artist Kevin Colden has been in the news lately for receiving — and declining — a Xeric grant.” Sequart Editor-in-Chief Mike Phillips is pleased with the final product as well. “From cover to cover,” says Phillips, “this book is an eye-opener. It really helps you appreciate the little things in Grant’s work that you may have missed the first ten times through!”

The book is the first in the new line of books from Sequart Research & Literacy Organization, a non-profit devoted to the study and promotion of comic books as a legitimate art.


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