Grant Morrison Is Coming Back To Meltdown

by Jeff

feb090203d Grant Morrison Is Coming Back To MeltdownMedia Release — It is time to weave wonder and leave mouths agape in the wake of impenetrable accents and extraordinary ideas! It is time for YOU to return to MELTDOWN, because the Scottish swami Grant Morrison is returning to grace us with his presence and give us mere cave dwellers our first bouts of intellectual fire! Are you going to allow the microphone to be dominated with the weeping milk-tears of egg-handed fools who will simply rehash old discussions of the Talmud of Mr. Tawky Tawny or shall we look towards a brighter day to come and inquire after new scripts, songs, fashions and fabulations?

If you consider yourself a worthwhile nerd, a good geek, a fascinating fan of freak fiction, then do us a favor and start formulating your questions now so that we can extract as much information about our favorite characters and series, old and new, and even if for a moment transcend our mortal coil to a dream world of comical capes and quizzical chimpanzees. Come complete the circle and revel in the impossible.

may090130d Grant Morrison Is Coming Back To MeltdownCLIVE BARKER will hold a brief conversation with GRANT MORRISON before the signing. Copies of Mr. Morrison’s latest literary luncheons, Final Crisis HC + Batman and Robin #1, will be on sale. That same day is the release of Batman and Robin #2. Buy one (or 3) of these 3 books and get into the event in the Meltdown Gallery.

Sadly, no outside items will be allowed due to time constrain on the talent. But don’t despair! Refreshments and music will also be provided.


WHY: Signing Batman and Robin and his latest Hard Cover Book, Final Crisis!

WHEN: WEDNESDAY, JULY 1st, 2009 – 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

WHERE: Meltdown Comics, 7522 SUNSET BLVD, L.A., CA, 90046



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