Grab These Kate Bishop Keys Before It’s Too Late

by Robert D'Ottavi

clean-6-300x131 Grab These Kate Bishop Keys Before It's Too LateFollowing the development of the Disney+ program Hawkeye, has been a rather difficult job. The series has gone from being ready to shoot, to being postponed or canceled altogether. However, thanks to Jeremy Renner’s Instagram feed, we now know that he is preparing for the show and that it will start shooting later this year. One character who is set to debut in the forthcoming show is Kate Bishop, the third Hawkeye. With her casting imminent, I say it is time to grab these Kate Bishop keys before it’s too late.

Bishop, like all costumed heroes, has an interesting origin story. After a brutal beating, she becomes focused on training herself to become stronger and more powerful than ever before. The character has been a fan-favorite for over a decade now, and with her live-action debut so close, it is no wonder fans are buzzing. Bishop first appeared in Young Avengers #1, a book many here on GoCollect have been harping on about for over a year now, and with good reason.

Yesterday, it was reported on MCUCosmic that Marvel Studios are desperate to lock down an actress for the role of Bishop. The former frontrunner, Hailee Steinfeld, is reportedly out as her schedule seems to be too hectic. The website reveals that the studio wants the role cast within the next few weeks, as the actress cast will need to undergo physical training before cameras roll later in the year. With this new information, and the role’s casting merely weeks away, I say it is time to pick up some Kate Bishop keys.

Grab These Kate Bishop Keys Before It’s Too Late

Young Avengers #1 should prove to be essential to the future of the MCU. For example, the characters Wiccan and Hulking (both of which debuted in the comic) are set to make their live-action debut in WandaVision, set to hit Disney+ later this year. Furthermore, it is rumored that Isaiah Bradley (technically the first Captain America) will appear in Falcon & Winter Soldier, and his grandson Eli, debuted in Young Avengers #1. Just this month, a 9.8 copy of Young Avengers #1 sold for $240 (USD), a sign that the book’s popularity is rising. So, the point is, Young Avengers #1 is a book that fans should definitely pick up if they have not done so already.

Online, there is a bit of a debate regarding which issue technically features the debut of Bishop as Hawkeye. While many believe it is Young Avengers #12, some argue it is Young Avengers Presents #6. In January of this year, a 9.8 copy of Presents #6 sold for $120 (USD), indicating that its value is certainly on the rise thanks to the confusion regarding Bishop’s true first appearance as Hawkeye. This debate, however, reminds me of the first appearance of Jane Foster as Thor one. With comic-related investments, I say buy what CGC believes is the first appearance.

While Young Avengers #1 is super important, and Young Avengers Presents #6 is relevant too, another fundamental Bishop key is Young Avengers #12, in which she officially debuts as the new Hawkeye. While, sure, this book will not sell for as much as her first appearance, once she becomes the new Hawkeye in the MCU moving forward, I am sure your investment will pay off. In January, a 9.8 copy of the book sold for $80 (USD), practically peanuts on the grand scale of things.

As far as Bishop is concerned, she looks to be an important character for the MCU moving forward. Within the next few weeks, we should hear of an official casting via Marvel Studios too. Long story short, stock up on these keys, especially Young Avengers #1. 

You can thank us later.


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Mr. Long/Short March 12, 2020 - 11:28 am

Young Avengers Presents #6 came out in 2008 while Young Avengers came out in 2005. I don’t understand how Presents is even part of the conversation yet people still chase this book…..

Robert D'Ottavi March 12, 2020 - 7:33 pm

I 100% agree. It makes no sense, but people are still buying it. I guess if you find a cheap one, and can get rid of it quickly, go for it. Otherwise, I’d stick with the actual appearances.

Trent Wolodko March 12, 2020 - 2:43 pm

How could you skip over YA#10? Huge cover for her.

Robert D'Ottavi March 12, 2020 - 7:32 pm

I just can’t see a cover being a real big draw?

I say just invest in the actual appearances, as the prices are not too ridiculous at the moment.


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