GOSH! Comics hosts GOLIATH launch March 9

by Jeff

NOV110967 GOSH! Comics hosts GOLIATH launch March 9Media ReleaseGoliath has been picking up steam over here and across the pond, and Friday, a.k.a TOMORROW NIGHT, all that steam… will be turned into a locomotive?! Anyway, failed metaphors aside, Tom Gauld will be launching Goliath at Gosh! Comics this Friday at 6:30 PM. Don’t miss this one, Londonites! And he’s heading on tour after that too, with dates in Cambridge this Saturday afternoon at Forbidden Planet, Bristol, London again (at Nobrow), Edinburgh, Leeds, and ending with a bang at the Comica Festival in London. But really, first drive on down to London tomorrow night and admire the giant Goliath in the window, and then come to all the other events after.

P.S. Have we shared some of the great press Goliath has been receiving? Checkitout!

Goliath (D&Q) may be the book that garners Gauld the wider recognition he deserves…. Goliath makes a fine introduction for the uninitiated, both for the alternately funny and poignant scenes of its hero waiting forlornly on the plain for something to happen, and for Gauld’s art, which is typically on-point. Working with cartoony figures, silhouettes, and finely cross-hatched close-ups, Gauld captures the bleakness of the landscape, and how what looks like an insignificant pebble from far away can become hugely important when it’s landing right between the hero’s eyes.” – Noel Murray, The A.V. Club

“Tom Gauld’s tragic, darkly funny retelling of David and Goliath from Goliath’s perspective. Gauld’s work is always quietly powerful and emotionally grabbing.” – Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing

“Gauld’s Goliath is a master classin reduction…a celebration of the Christian underdog becomes a subtlemeditation on the power of spin and the absurdity of war.”–The Times ofLondon

Goliath is one of the very best of its genre and shouldn’t be missed, especially by those who like their humour spiked with a healthy dose of melancholy – the ending, when it comes, is a total knockout.” – Marty Mulrooney, Alternative Magazine Online

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