Gory Details: Gorr the God Butcher Keys

by Matt Tuck

042622B-1024x536 Gory Details: Gorr the God Butcher KeysGorr the God Butcher is ready to wage war on the Thor Corps in Love and Thunder. Who is he? Better yet, what keys should you be watching?

WHO IS GORR? gorr-the-god-butcher-marvel-1187035-e1651688538361-221x300 Gory Details: Gorr the God Butcher Keys

His race resembles the Twi’leks from Star Wars, what with the tentacles coming out of their heads. So what is he? Actually, Gorr’s race doesn’t have a name. In fact, he’s from what was only described as a nameless planet. That makes these creatures the most overlooked in all the Marvel-616. 

They live in a constant state of near-starvation and their lives revolve around religion and survival. When Gorr lost his family, he turned against the gods, and he was banished to the desert. There, he had a fateful encounter with a famous Marvel god, and he gained the power to strike down these celestial beings.

Where should you begin your quest for Gorr keys? It’s a good thing you asked.

Thor-God-of-Thunder-2-195x300 Gory Details: Gorr the God Butcher KeysTHOR: GOD OF THUNDER #2

For Gorr collectors, this is the big one: God of Thunder #2. Why shouldn’t it be? The God Butcher took his awesome nickname into the Marvel-616 in this 2013 issue. While Bale’s version looks distinctly more human, at least judging by the Marvel Legends action figure, it is still exciting to know that Gorr’s story will unfold on the silver screen.

Speaking of Gorr’s origin, you can’t talk about the God Butcher without mentioning his weapon of choice, the Necrosword, which was first seen in God of Thunder #2. It will be interesting to see how Marvel handles the magic weapon and whether or not its history will match the comics. Namely, will Marvel Studios incorporate Knull and how he forged the Necrosword from the first symbiote? For comic fans, that will be the big moment in the movie.

If you don’t already have a copy, this is not a good time to buy one. For the past year, the graded 9.8 has averaged $546.

Thor-God-of-Thunder-6-198x300 Gory Details: Gorr the God Butcher KeysTHOR: GOD OF THUNDER #6

Again, you can’t talk about Gorr keys without connecting him back to Knull, God of the Symbiotes. In the second part of his origin story, we are treated to Gorr wandering the desert until he comes across a god battle. Although originally unnamed, one of those combatants happened to be Knull.

When Gorr took up All-Black from the symbiote god and executed a nameless deity. The magic sword then formed a black cloak over Gorr, and he set out on his god-killing path.

Because of Knull’s popularity, this issue has commanded a hefty price tag as of late. This issue has sold for $500-$600 since 2020, though the 30-day fair market value stands at $413.

King-Thor-3-198x300 Gory Details: Gorr the God Butcher KeysKING THOR #3

Gorr’s assault on Marvel’s gods, particularly the Asgardians, doesn’t wind down until well into the future. An older King Thor with his daughters by his side has one final showdown with Gorr. This time, the God Butcher is more powerful than ever, and he is consumed by All-Black, making Gorr the Necroverse.

Could we see this unfold in Love and Thunder? It’s possible, and that should make this an issue worth watching. At the moment, you can get a raw copy for $10 or less.


Villains don’t have long lifespans in the cinematic superhero universes, so Gorr will likely be one and done in the MCU. That puts a cap on the FMV growth for his key issues. The investment strategy for those comics lies more in Knull’s future in either the MCU, the Sony-verse, or both. The most interesting part about Love and Thunder will be how the Necrosword is explained. 

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Kenloi May 12, 2022 - 4:00 am

Villains don’t have long lifespans in the cinematic superhero universes? Does that matter? The seed is set in collectors/speccies minds to find their keys for a long term hold for future generations. DC. Joker, Riddler, Penguin always appear at some point in mini tv series and movies in past and future. Massive demand for their first comic appearances. Similar for Marvel big player villains.

Kenloi May 14, 2022 - 7:48 am

Around 3 years ago just before the pandemic came across in a shop 6 Thor 2s and 5 Thor 6s in the back issues,all around 9-9.4 grade raw. Took 1 of each with a 9.6+ chance at cover price. I did miss 35c Star Wars 2, 3 and 4 in vfn/nm at cover prices however at the same shop.


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