Gordon Lee Issues Apology

by Jeff

The Rome News Tribune announced today the charges were dropped against Gordon Lee because he worked out a deal with the prosecutor to issue an apology to the “victims” in order to avoid prosecution.

The case filed against local comic book store owner Gordon Lee has been dismissed, according to Floyd County District Attorney Leigh Patterson.

Patterson said the case was dismissed after the district attorney met with Lee’s counsel and decided that a measure other than prosecution could be taken in resolving the case.

“He did a written apology to the victims in the case,” said Patterson.

The former charges stem from a Halloween 2004 giveaway when an employee of Legends Comics in Rome gave a copy of “Alternative Comics No. 2” to two 6- and 9-year-old brothers.

In the comic book, a series of drawings depict a naked Pablo Picasso. The images were used to depict his first meeting with fellow Cubist Georges Braque.

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