Good Old New Mutants

by Matt Tuck

134474_815b0798fc76fe3543f53eafa9e1d99906527f7a-197x300 Good Old New Mutants

Fervor over upcoming movies and television shows commonly drive the comic market, especially when talking about classic key issues.

These days with the Marvel Cinematic Universe ruling the box office and even Netflix, there’s news of comic-related movies and television shows almost weekly. Whether the news is about Marvel properties or not, everyone wants a piece of the action. Who can blame them?

The latest excitement is over the upcoming Fox television show “Gifted” as well as the news that Drew Goddard of Netflix’s “Daredevil” fame will be helming the X-Force movie. These can be credited with the boost in New Mutants issues halfway through September.


Back in the 1990s, the X-Men were the Marvel cash cow. Whether it was Wolverine helping boost sales of non-related titles or the plethora of X-titles, the X-Men were at the helm of the Marvel Universe. One of the most popular of those X-Men spinoffs was X-Force, which spawned from the ashes of the original X-Men spinoff, New Mutants.

In the final pages of “New Mutants” #100, which was the last of the series, the new X-team came together. The original X-Force lineup was led by instant fan-favorite Cable and featured Domino, Cannonball, Warpath, Boom Boom, Feral, and Shatterstar. With X-Force being prepped for a movie, it’s no wonder that NM #100 is seeing a sales boost. So far this month, it has gained 81 spots and is now the 12th Hottest Comic.

X-Force isn’t the only New Mutants comic that’s gaining momentum.

“New Mutants” #1 is very hot lately. Back in 1983, Chris Claremont was the unchallenged king of the X-Men. So when the spinoffs started, it was in his hands to create the New Mutants. With “Gifted” on the horizon, the first New Mutants issue jumped an impressive 229 places and is 32nd on the Hottest Comics list.


Whether it’s enthusiasm for the upcoming Roman gladiator-themed Hulk making his debut in “Thor: Ragnarok” or reverence for the (short-lived) return of the Bruce Banner Hulk in the Marvel “Generations” storyline, the Hulk is making news.

Historically the Hulk is one of the most important Marvel titles. Over the years, “The Incredible Hulk” has been home of the debuts of several major key characters, the most notable being Wolverine in “The Incredible Hulk” #181. In the past month, these issues have picked up steam on eBay.

Speaking of Wolverine, his first cameo appearance in a single panel at the end of “Hulk” #180 has seen movement so far in September. This month, sales have picked up and moved it from #107 to #88 on the Hottest Comics list.

Another Hulk comic that is seeing a lot of movement this month is the first appearance of Rocket Racoon. Honestly, who would have thought that an intergalactic, anthropomorphic, bio-engineered raccoon would have been introduced in the pages of “The Incredible Hulk” #271. In this story, the Hulk found himself on a distant planet that was home to many other creatures similar to Rocket. Of course, in the bronze age, most Marvel characters journeyed into space.

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