Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming Cards

by Sarah Lee

091021B-300x157 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming CardsGoldin Auctions is expanding into comics! Their first foray into the field has a selection of highly-graded major keys to offer bidders. In addition to comics, they’re offering a variety of graded video games as well as gaming cards and a few collectible odds and ends. Here’s a look at some of their featured items up for bids.

Screenshot-2021-09-07-203038-188x300 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming CardsComics:

Batman #1 – CGC 8.0

Given the poor quality of paper used in the 1940s, this book’s white pages are exceptionally rare. This particular copy comes from the collection of Lamont Larson, the noted collector of pre-Golden Age and Golden Age comics, and is signed by the collector with a pencil on the left side of the cover.

The Larson Pedigree is one of the earliest pedigrees in the hobby, consisting of over 1,000 books published from 1936 to 1940. Larson signed copies are highly sought-after by collectors, only increasing this copy’s value.Screenshot-2021-09-08-154328-300x208 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming Cards

This book does have some “staining on the right side and slight wear on the edges and corners.” There are only 16 CGC graded 8.0s listed in their census. In addition, only 18 copies exist with a higher grade.

The most recent sales of this grade have displayed vastly varying results, with the last three sales going for $1,050,000 (ComicConnect 4/16/21), $498,000 (ComicConnect 9/9/2019), and $390,000 (ComicConnect 12/13/2016).

The current high bid sits at $860,000.00 after 11 bids.Screenshot-2021-09-08-124600-189x300 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming Cards

Amazing Fantasy #15 – CGC 8.5

This debut of Spider-Man, Aunt May, and Uncle Ben contains some elements of cornering and edging, but these minor issues take nothing away from the rarity of this book in such a high grade with even rarer White Pages.

There are only 24 copies graded higher than 8.5 in the CGC census and only 12 graded an 8.5. While there isn’t much recent auction data for this grade, the current estimated FMV for a copy of this quality is $410,000.

The current high bid is well above that figure, resting at $500,000.00. Given the fact that a (higher grade) Amazing Fantasy #15 just set a new all-time record for the most expensive comic after selling for 3.6 million, where do you think it’ll end up?

 Avengers #1  – CGC 9.6Screenshot-2021-09-08-142234-187x300 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming Cards

 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s answer to DC’s Justice League needs no explanation as to why it’s important to the collecting world.

This copy has off-white to white pages and is graded as highly as you’ll find, with none graded higher. In fact, this is one of only 5 CGC graded 9.6s out there.

The last time this book in this grade hit the auction block, it brought in $194,000 through ComicConnect in 2018. The last time we saw it appear at Heritage, it realized $215,100.00 (2015.) This entry’s current high bid is sitting at $170,000 after 8 bids.

Journey Into Mystery #83 – CGC 9.42021-09-08-8-183x300 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming Cards

The firsts continue in this auction, with Thor’s origin and first appearance holding a prominent place in this list of auction items. In addition, this is another silver super-key that boasts white pages.

This book, which was on newsstands at the same time as fellow-silver-age-icon Amazing Fantasy #15, is one of only 11 identically-graded books in the CGC census. Only one book is graded higher, at 9.6.

This item currently has a high bid of $240,000.00 after 6 bids, which is slightly under half of its currently-estimated FMV of $460,000. A copy sold for $141,778 on ComicLink (5/27/20) and through Heritage for $144,000 in 2019. As the current high bid more than exceeds recent sales, it will be worth a watch to see where it lands.

Video Games: 2021-09-08-9-211x300 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming Cards

Super Mario 64 – Sealed WATA 9.8/A++

This game features a First-Party V-Seam and a pixelated “K-A” rating label from the ESRB, as well as a “Made in Japan” label on the cover of this “78% Fiber” box. It also has its hangtab attached.

Super Mario 64 is the best-selling game for the Nintendo 64, selling 11.62 million copies worldwide as of December 31, 2009. No video game player or collector needs to be told how important this game is to the community.

The current high bid on this item is $400,000.00. Do you think it will meet expectations?

Screenshot-2021-09-08-165914-220x300 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming Cards

Sonic the Hedgehog – Sealed WATA 9.4/A

This game was developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis home video game console.  It has a First-Party Tube Seam seal and a “Made in Japan” logo on this clamshell box.

Released in North America on June 23, 1991, this game sold over 15 million copies and helped launch the “Sonic” franchise as well as the “Console Wars” between Sega and the Super Nintendo.

Sales data for this game is all over the place, as sale amounts have varied greatly. A 6.5/A sold for $2,040.00 in February of this year.

The current high bid for this item is $130,000.00. This is already a new record price for any Sega publicly sealed game. Wherever it ends, it will be a record!

Super Mario Bros – Sealed WATA 9.2/AScreenshot-2021-09-08-174323-220x300 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming Cards

This presented copy features a hangtab, an “NES-GP” code, a “NO NES TM,” “No REV-A” label, and a round Nintendo “Seal of Quality” on the box. This indicates that this copy is an early production run and was produced in early 1987. Sealed early production copies of “Super Mario Bros.” are always in high demand, especially copies with the exceptional grade of 9.2 and the attractive seal grade of A.

This franchise has achieved record-breaking sales recently and this early edition combined with high grade and seal makes it on par with others that have sold for extreme amounts in recent months.

Currently, the high bid on this game is $450,000.00 after 20 bids.

Cards & More:Screenshot-2021-09-09-002955-178x300 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming Cards

1999 Pokemon 1st Edition Holographic #4 Charizard – PSA GEM MT 10

“Of the more than 3,300 examples of this card currently in the PSA population report, only 122, under four percent of the graded cards, have received this unimprovable grade.”

Cards in an identical grade sold for $350,100 in November and $300,000 in January 2021, both on Heritage. Even more recently, one sold for $264,000 (July 2021/Heritage). However, the crown for the highest sold price goes to Goldin Auctions, which sold one of these for $399K in March 2021.

This card is currently resting on a high bid of $140,000.00 after only 10 bids.

2002 Konami Yu-Gi-Oh Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon 1st Edition Factory Sealed Case

Offered here is a First Edition factory case of Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! “Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon” card boxes. The case holds 12 boxes, with each box containing 24 packs of nine cards each.

Screenshot-2021-09-09-004803-300x241 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming Cards

The case was sealed, but was opened to ensure the contents of it were legitimate. Goldin employed two Yu-Go-Oh! experts to inspect the case and check that everything inside was correct because of the sheer rarity of the product.

This process was captured on video, which can be viewed here. The boxes are all still sealed, with the cards inside expected to be in NM-MT condition. The case’s exterior has very minor wear normally seen in items that have had a longer-than-normal shelf life.

The high bid at the time of this writing is $170,000.00.

Screenshot-2021-09-09-005000-213x300 Goldin Auctions: Key Comics, Video Games, & Gaming Cards1998 KAMEX MEGA BATTLE 3rd Place Squirtle Trophy – Senior Champions

Wrapping up our list of featured items is a unique entry – Yes, that’s a Squirtle trophy.

This is one of two Squirtle trophies created for the 1998 Kamex Mega Battle, a Japan-only TCG tournament, to be awarded to the third-place champion. This one was awarded to the senior champ, the other to the junior.

Participants entered into this event had to first produce the Pika trophy from the previous regional event, making this award all the more precious to its winner.

Made of Bronze, this is a heavy, well-manufactured piece. It features Squirtle on a wooden pedestal, which in turn bears a plaque etched with Japanese text stating the origins and purpose of the trophy.

(And in case you were wondering, a Wartortle trophy was awarded for 2nd, and a Blastoise trophy for 1st place.)

Squirtle’s current high bid rests at $18,000.00 after just a handful of bids.

A Penny for Your Thoughts?

What do you think about Goldin branching out into the comic auction game? Will you be bidding? How about final prices; what do you think these items will realize? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Goldin’s Comics, Video Game & TCG Elite Auction closes on Sept 18 at 10pm. Check out all the auction entries HERE. Happy bidding!

Check Comic FMVs and sales data before you bid! Upgrade to GoCollect PRO for all the best tools for the savviest collectors!

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