Golden-Age Greats Volume 10 puts spotlight on Bob Powell

by Jeff

APR120743 Golden-Age Greats Volume 10 puts spotlight on Bob PowellMedia Release — The great Bob Powell is in the GAG spotlight in Golden-Age Greats Volume 10, as we go cover-to-cover with 23 full-story reprints covering a wide range of genres in which this prolific and versatile artist excelled.

See some of the very best examples of his strong storytelling and bold brushwork on Western, romance, jungle, humor, crime, super-hero, war, action/adventure and mystery yarns, including features like The Shadow, Nick Carter and Doc Savage from The Shadow Vol. 8, No. 9; Mr. Mystic from the Spirit Section of August 8; Enchanted Holiday” from True Brides-To-Be Romances #24; Lady Crime from Kerry Drake #8; Kitty Carson from Kerry Drake #12; Spirit of ’76 from Green Hornet comics, circa 1947; Shock Gibson from Green Hornet No. 38; “The Doomed Patrol” from The American Air Forces, circa 1952 The Man In Black; The Scarlet Arrow from Black Cat No. 5, Atoma from Joe Palooka No.15; Blonde Bomber from Green Hornet No.34, Red Hawk from Straight Arrow comics; Strong Man from Strongman No. 4; Thun’da, circa 1954; Bobby Benson’s B-Bar-B riders circa 1950-1953; Lemonade Kid from Bobby Benson’s B-Bar-B Riders, circa 1950;Cave Girl, circa 1953; The Avenger, from The Avenger No. 2; Jet Powers from Jet No. 1, and “Plane Talk” from Terry and the Pirates No. 14.

Much has been written about the horror and science-fiction comics produced by Bob Powell and his studio in the 1940’s and ’50’s, but the truth is they excelled in all types of comic book work. Get this great volume and see.

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