GOLDEN AGE GLAMOUR VOLUME 1 highlights non standard genres

by Jeff

AUG130912 GOLDEN AGE GLAMOUR VOLUME 1 highlights non standard genresMedia Release — The glamorous pin-up style “good girl” art that originated in comics’ Golden Age has been an inspiration to AC Comics from the beginning. In recent decades, we’ve even been able to bring reprints of many of the actual GGA stories themselves before a modern audience, particularly when that approach was used on costumed superheroines. We’ve shown our readers “good girl” art jungle stories, science-fiction and even Westerns at times. But we’ve never really had the proper outlet to present examples of great comic book glamour art that did NOT fit into the standard genres we explore, and a lot of the BEST GGA of the 1940’s and ’50’s was in crime, humor, adventure and even romance comics. So, GOLDEN AGE GLAMOUR was born!

An anthology chock-full of features absolutely brimming with particularly well-rendered examples of the female form, across a broad spectrum of genres, approaches and styles. This premier issue features 27 full vintage stories reprinted in black and white in their entirety, utilizing state-of-the-art reproduction techniques that bring the best possible resolution to the line art itself.

Included in this spectacular volume are: “COWBOY MAGGIE”, a Fox Features crime story from their Women Outlaws title , drawn by Jack Kamen; BLACK VENUS, leather-clad aviatrix from Contact Comics, illustrated by Nina Albright; CANTEEN KATE, Matt Baker’s military maiden; BETTY BATES, crusading lady DA from Hit Comics, as rendered by Paul Gustavson and Al Bryant; KIT WEST, female frontier scout drawn for Cow Puncher by Jill Elgin; DOLLY O’DARE, policewoman- from Scoop Comics, drawn by Jim Wilcox; UNDERCOVER GIRL- Starr Flagg, special operative from Manhunt, drawn by Ogden Whitney; BLACK CAT- the sexy superheroine visualized by Lee Elias; PANTHER WOMAN, a one-shot beauty by Ruben Moriera, from Buster Brown Comics, of all places; CHOO CHOO, would-be actress from Quality’s Military Comics, drawn by the great John Spranger; LADY LUCK, by Klaus Nordling; FIREHAIR- frontier beauty from Rangers Comics drawn (once again) by Lee Elias; WOMAN IN RED , the costumed adventuress drawn by W. B. Smith for Standard/Nedor’s Thrilling Comics; TORCHY- the ultimate GGA feature, as illustrated by Gill Fox, from the unlikely source known as Military Comics; GALE ALLEN, interplanetary adventuress from Fiction House’ Planet Comics, rendered by Fran Hopper; JANE MARTIN, reporter, from Wings Comics, as drawn by George Evans; Matt Bakers’ TIGER GIRL, from Fight Comics; “SLAVE GIRL” by Warren King and “IT’S CO-OLD OUTSIDE”, by Frank Bolle; both from Avon’s Spectacular Adventures title; DAFFY, the lady wrestler drawn by Bart Tuney for Smash Comics; JOAN MASON, reporter (and the Blue Beetle’s gal friend) from Blue Beetle Comics; GLORY FORBES, by Matt Baker; SALLY O’NEIL, police gal from National Comics, drawn by Gene Fawcett; Frank Frazetta’s JUDY of the JUNGLE, from Nedor’s Exciting Comics; and a pair of Fox Features jungle queens; RULAH- by Edmond Good, and ZEGRA, by Jack Kamen.

Almost 200 pages of prime female pulchritude, plus a text overview of GGA by comics historian Bill Black. Standard comic book size, square-bound trade paperback with full color covers, for $34.95. Don’t miss it!! Quantities are limited, and we may never go back to press with this book, so if you want it, better snap it up now, before it sells out.

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