GODKILLER saves the market with a 2nd printing

by Jeff

f03a5a85-9aea-4833-af07-fc5b6ac93329 GODKILLER saves the market with a 2nd printingMedia Release — If your comic shop is sold out of Pizzolo & Wieszczyk’s grimy breakout series GODKILLER, just say 10 Hail Marys and hold your breath – reprints are on the way!

Matt Pizzolo and Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk are the mindfuckers behind GODKILLER, the surprisingly hot debut of what just might be the sleeper hit of 2014. Black Mask Studios is proud to announce that GODKILLER: WALK AMONG US #1 sold out at the distributor level in its first week on sale, and a second printing is on the way to meet reader and retailer demand!

Pizzolo and Wieszczyk’s new series about quantum physics, fallen gods, and weaponized orgasms garnered massive critical acclaim with the first issue:

“This is the comic book equivalent of death metal, grunge and punk all wrapped up in a bow that says fuck you to the socially conditioned norm… honestly, I loved it.”
– Alice W. Castle, Multiversity Comics

“I was truly moved. It’s an existentialist look at the forces weighing down on our modern civilization, a surrealist nightmare lost in a bleak future, and a dizzying read that will burrow into the core of your being… This is crucial reading for our consumer generation. Human psychology is a business, and Godkiller asks the question: what happens when you stop buying? It simply can’t be ignored.”
– Zac Thompson, Bloody Disgusting

“Comic of the Week: Godkiller #1. If you’re looking for the dirtiest and most mind-trippy comic out this week, look no further than Godkiller… Along with last year’s Ballistic, Godkiller stands as the weirdest, most unique comic Black Mask has published thus far. Don’t miss it.”
– Frederik Hautain, Broken Frontier

“Honestly, within the first couple of pages, this book haunts me. Black Mask as a company has set out to bring Punk Rock ideals to the comic industry and while I missed out on what I would call the ‘true punk scene,’ I can tell that they are succeeding with their vision by releasing Godkiller… Reading this comic felt like being one of the people trying to guess what GG Allin was going to do next, well.. except this is actually enjoyable… If issue 1 is a fair measurement, this book is something that would be a tragedy to miss.”
– Mitchell Doig, Comic Book City Podcast

GODKILLER #1 may still be available in your local comic store while supplies last, and is available digitally in the Black Mask Studios webstore (www.blackmaskstore.com).

The second printing of GODKILLER #1 arrives 12/10 and can be pre-ordered using the code Diamond code SEP148373.

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