God of Thunder and Rock ‘n Roll: Knull Speculation Could Revive These Keys

by Matt Tuck

083023C-1-1024x536 God of Thunder and Rock 'n Roll: Knull Speculation Could Revive These KeysRemember when God of Thunder #2 and #6 were the belles of the collecting ball? After two years and one bad movie, those once-mighty fair market values have shrunk considerably, but they could be on the upswing very soon.

As previously reported, Marvel confirmed that a fifth Thor movie is in development (as if anyone didn’t see that coming). Despite the poor reception for Thor: Love and Thunder, director Taika Waititi said that he would be interested in tackling a third God of Thunder flick. What set off the speculation alarms was his mention that, if he were to write/direct the film, Thor would need a villain more powerful than Hella. Cue the Knull theories.

Traditionally, Venom #3, specifically the third-print variant with Knull on the cover, has been the prime collecting target. As buyers are focused on those issues, it could pay dividends to grab these keys while prices are down.


Thor-God-of-Thunder-6-198x300 God of Thunder and Rock 'n Roll: Knull Speculation Could Revive These Keys

Although it wasn’t Jason Aaron’s original intent, this comic featured the debut of what would become Knull. It wasn’t long ago that God of Thunder #6 was anything but an affordable key. During the market boom of 2021, Knull was one of the hottest new characters in all of comics. With MCU speculation at its peak, it drove the 9.8 to a record-high $699 sale with nothing selling under $200 that year. 

Between Knull being vanquished by Venom in the comics and Love and Thunder having next to zero connection to the character, the prices have come back to Earth. In light of the latest rumors, that’s a good thing. For the past year, the graded 9.8 has averaged $140, making this a good time to invest.


Thor-God-of-Thunder-2-197x300 God of Thunder and Rock 'n Roll: Knull Speculation Could Revive These Keys

Let’s say Waititi does get the Love and Thunder job, and he introduces Knull. That could be enough to jolt God of Thunder #2 back into the collecting picture. 

Given GOT # 2 is Gorr’s first appearance, this issue was red hot after Christian Bale was announced for Love and Thunder. Gorr may be dead and gone in the MCU, but there’s another reason to want this issue. As comic fans know, it’s the Necrosword that made Gorr into the God Butcher. Once Knull arrived, it was revealed that the magic sword was the first symbiote. It was even used to create Knowhere after Knull decapitated a Celestial. 

If Knull is the villain for the next Thor movie, it’s likely Gorr’s blade from Love and Thunder would be connected to the God of the Symbiotes. That would put the Necrosword’s debut in God of Thunder #2 in the buying crosshairs. At the moment, the graded 9.8 has averaged less than $150 for the past 12 months with a 30-day FMV sitting at $92. However, August 26 saw a $128 sale, so prices may be on the uptick.


Silver-Surfer-Black-1-2nd-print-196x300 God of Thunder and Rock 'n Roll: Knull Speculation Could Revive These Keys

While we’re on the topic of affordable Knull keys, here’s one that could pay dividends if Marvel’s CGI stars align. 

In 2019, Donny Cates gave Knull his own team of capos, affectionately known as Knull’s Sentries. They are corrupted goddesses taken from a distant planet where they were worshiped by a long-forgotten society. Serving more or less as boss battles for Silver Surfer, they only lasted until the next issue. 

While they may have been stepping stones in the comics, the goddesses could be incorporated into a future movie or Disney Plus series and given a deeper backstory, thus setting the stage for Knull. That would make this a more coveted collectible. Like every other first issue in a new series, there were numerous variant editions at every pricing tier.

At some point, Marvel Studios will introduce the Surfer to the MCU. If he and Knull ever meet on the screen, the SSB #1 second print featuring the two characters on the cover art will be an instant bestseller. At the moment, you can grab a 9.8 for around $150.

AAAA-Footer-YouTube-1 God of Thunder and Rock 'n Roll: Knull Speculation Could Revive These Keys*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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