GoCollect sits down with Adam Scherr, FKA the WWE’s Braun Strowman

by Joseph Overaitis

102221E-300x157 GoCollect sits down with Adam Scherr, FKA the WWE's Braun StrowmanAll hail the magic of Comic Cons! I (GoCollect blogger Joseph) had the opportunity to sit down with world-famous wrestler Adam Scherr at Motor City Comic Con to discuss his career as an athlete and where his passions have shifted over the past few years. Nowadays, his fight is as an advocate for mental health for all and warrior against bullying. No matter what YOUR passion is, this is one worth taking to heart.


The quest for self-discovery and true personal growth is a treacherous voyage. Most people quickly abandon the pursuit when the price becomes too high. The rewards can be immeasurable if one continues on the path to self-enlightenment. I met a man who completed such a journey at the 2021 Motor City Comic Con (MC3). The world knew him formerly as WWE’s Braun Strowman, the Monster Among Men. His friends and family have always known him as Adam Scherr.

Adam Scherr is a very complex individual. In his arm-wrestling fights, he is a powerful combatant that displays raw aggression towards his opponents. Watch him interact with a child, however, and he is a soft-spoken gentle giant. No more is the duality of Adam Scherr evident than in his video interview promoting “FREE THE NARRATIVE II,” co-starring fellow pro-wrestler Michael Hutter, known to the world as EC3. The man in the YouTube video was the man I came to interview.

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One must go to the beginning to get a full understanding of Adam Scherr. The pains in his childhood put him on his current path. He stated, “I was a heavy kid and I was massively bullied for it…Growing up with that, trying to figure out ways to get away from it, it was getting into the gym.” The memories of being bullied have molded him into a gentle giant when it comes to the way he treats his youngest admirers.

Fighting bullies is a battle he still fights in his own life to this day. “Being a small-town kid that I was… cast into this world of being under a microscope 24/7, always having to be on and…reading into negativity and things that are on social media with being constantly…verbally badgered and abused for things that I had no control over, it started to … a really bad place.” His life experiences possessed the classic plot elements for the birth of a monster.


Adams is very close to his family and they have influenced his beliefs. “My outlook on life – I want to be remembered for doing something good.” He also used a quote from a Marvel Cinematic Universe villain as a cautionary lesson. Adam stated, “when Thanos … says ‘I hope they will remember you,’ that’s … something that sticks with you”. Jim Starlin was at the MC3 and commented that he found it ironic that Thanos could inspire someone for good because the Mad Titan Thanos was “basically someone with an appetite that cannot be appeased and who seldom, if ever, did anything good”. Adam Scherr feared he was slowly losing himself and becoming the monster Thanos that Jim Starlin described.AEW_6026-300x200 GoCollect sits down with Adam Scherr, FKA the WWE's Braun Strowman

Adam Scherr let go of everything and entered the abyss in “FREE THE NARRATIVE II” to find his true self. In this fight for self-discovery, he was not alone. JC the Narrator eerily tells the tale of this lost soul’s quest to find his true nature. Fellow gladiator EC3 dives into that cold void and sacrifices part of himself to pull what was borne in the depths back into the light, not knowing if it would be a man or the monster.  This battle takes a toll on all, including the viewer. In the end, EC3, JC, and all his new brothers bring Adam back from the darkness and with a new voice and outlook. Adam Scherr had bet on himself and won.


Adam Scherr harbors no ill will to anyone in his past, but he now is looking forward to his future. He proudly points to his tank top and says he is promoting the DISKUSS app., owned by ROKIT,  available in  Google Play and Apple stores. DISKUSS will allow people to seek professional mental help 24/7 so they are never alone in their own fight.  There is strength in numbers and for the promotion of this healthcare app. Adam Scherr has a formidable team working with him.

One of his Partners in the app is John Paul DeJoria, American entrepreneur and philanthropist best known as a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products and The Patrón Spirits Company.  John’s dedication to helping others is well documented. The third member of this formidable group is Jonathan Kendrick. He is the Co-founder and Chairman of the ROKiT Group of Companies. Jonathan Kendrick is a true visionary.  He began his business career by obtaining the European rights to the then-unknown Yokohama tires brand.  In addition, he has since built a record label, comic book company, and various other businesses. Jonathan Kendrick wanted to help the most vulnerable on the planet so he established the ROKiT Foundation. This formidable triumvirate came together to provide access to mental health professionals in the most convenient way possible when you need it the most. AEW_5897-300x200 GoCollect sits down with Adam Scherr, FKA the WWE's Braun Strowman

Adam also said in the future he hopes to attend comic cons and conduct Q and A sessions so that he can get their message out about changing one’s narrative. The thing that is most important to him is his desire to inspire children that are subjects of bullying to believe in themselves and find their own voice.  Adam Scherr is a guest all ages should see if he is attending a comic con near you.

He also looked forward to starting working on the next chapter of the FREE THE NARRATIVE Youtube series with a planned title of “Family Values” where another lost soul will embark on their own journey of self-discovery. He spoke in riddles mentioning possible “family”. Who knows who might appear because even though he is a new man, that does not mean that Adam Scherr has eliminated all connections to his fiendish past.


Adam Scherr built his body and grew to be a man at 6’8” and 360 lb and yet he still could not escape those that wanted to make him into a monster. He now has brothers that will fight the good fight beside him. These allies saw in him that the greatest weapon he possessed was something that he forgot he had and others rarely saw because it was buried so deep. In the end, what would save Adam Scherr was the muscle he has been working to develop all his life….his heart.


Adam Scherr, author Joseph F. Overaitis and the GoCollect team want to state to anyone that is experiencing problems that they are not alone. There are people who want to help you and ways that you can get that help. Even the strongest of us needs help on our life’s journey; it is better to get this assistance one day too early rather than one day too late.

With that said, collect on, my friends! Stay tuned for more Comic Con coverage!

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