GoCollect Reader Mail #C for Chimichangas

by Michael Vlachakis

766322_deadpool-36-197x300 GoCollect Reader Mail #C for ChimichangasWe know that you missed it!  The imaginary mail is rolling in…like in those giant bags overstuffed with envelopes.  We can hardly keep up!  Our non-existent staff of letter openers and readers are hard at work sorting through your fake questions and delivering relatively useless advice.  But, since you liked Reader Mail #1 and Reader Mail #2, here we go again!  It is starting to become like an annoying itch you can’t get rid of…you know you feel it.  Ahhhhhhhhhh!  That one!  Now a bit to the right. Down. Down.  Now left.  Right there.  It’s go time!

Let us jump right in with some questions!

My comic collection is in a terrible rut.  There are no great movies upcoming in 2020 and I have no clue where to speculate from here.  Any advice?  – Taneleer T. from Knowhere

There are a plethora of comics that are getting attention on the market.  I like the prospects of characters in the upcoming Disney+ series.  If you are a betting guy, perhaps a book like Marvel Spotlight #28 would be a good pick for you.  The first Moon Knight solo story is sure to gain value and still sits at a reasonable price compared to Moon Knight’s first appearance.

OMG!  Did you hear that I am finally getting my own chick flick?  – Natasha R. from Russia

Natasha, nobody cares…since you died.  I would say this concept is like beating a dead horse, but that seems…well, accurate but redundant and cruel.  If I wanted to see a period piece, I’d watch Little Women.

Recently, I have been doing a bunch of traveling around the multiverse with my buddy, Wong, and have experienced some weird realities.  Is life always this chaotic?  Any recommendations on how to handle the stress?  – Stephen S. from Greenwich Village

I don’t know how they are doing things down in the Village, Stephen, but if you and Wong are into some weird and uncommon stuff, who am I to judge?  Just make sure that you have a safe word when reality jumping and wrap that cape up tight.

People keep brushing me off when I invite them to picnic with me.  Do you think I am giving off a weird vibe or something?  How can I get people to like me more?  – Scott L. from San Francisco 

Scott, it may be best to offer people an alternative activity to bolster support.  Perhaps you can take your friends out for a march.  If that does not work, try something else to impress.  Go big!

I may be a great king and a mighty warrior, but I have to declare that CATS was the greatest movie hit of the year. Five stars!  – T’Challa from Wakanda

It was true to its fan base and probably had a more believable plot than bringing back Palpatine.  Digging musicals does not make you less of a hero.  If you had said that you were looking forward to the Morbius movie, I would probably confirm that you have problems.  But CATS is tolerable.

Thanks for joining us for another exciting edition of GoCollect Reader Mail.  We will see you next time.  Same bat channel, random bat time!  As always, drop your comments and join the speculation!


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