GoCollect Reader Mail #1

by Michael Vlachakis

163693_3f400d28e8c693619a13b68d688e77da70e949b8-199x300 GoCollect Reader Mail #1

Hey you!  Yeah, you.  Come here.  I know that you have been attentively reading these blogs and learning about all of your favorite comics and how to make sense of past and recent graded sales to make smart decisions…but what about all those other questions for our expert bloggers?  As you can imagine, the glamorous life of speculating leaves herds of fans chasing us through the streets trying to tap our knowledge (OK, that may be an over-exaggeration).  However we bloggers, who have a passion for collecting and speculating, are here to help.  So I am here to answer your fake questions until you start sending us real ones.  Welcome to my column where I will try to make Dear Abby cool…like Dear Deadpool.

I really like a girl in my class named Mary Jane, but she thinks comic collecting and speculating is lame.  Is she the right girl for me?  – Peter P. from New York.

Peter, thanks for the question.  This MJ lady sounds like she is kinda high maintenance.  What does she know?  I think comic collecting and speculating are cool, and my mom told me that I was cool once.  Moreover, it is important to do what makes you happy and not change your ways to please others.  Keep collecting, Tiger!

I am having some difficulties with my boyfriend, and a brooding new colleague has moved into the mansion that I share with a bald psychic and a bunch of runaway kids that he cares for and trains….wait, this does not sound like a good situation when you read that back. – Jean G. from Westchester County, NY.

Jean, this does sound a bit weird.  Perhaps a new hobby like comic speculation can help you focus on positive growth.  You may be holding in some repressed feelings that may lead to a negative emotional discharge in the future.  You may want to just set your old life aflame and start anew.

My coworkers are often making fun of my suits for being annoyingly red and yellow colored.  This makes me want to sit alone and have a drink instead of fun activities…like speculating about comics.  Am I depressed? – Tony S. from Malibu.

Tony, if your coworkers think that you dress like a clown, maybe you could be more serious in your day-to-day operations.  Focus on an efficient schedule and use plenty of data to make sure you are making the best decisions…much like GoCollect.com can help you understand sales data for graded comics that hit the open market in an efficient location, making your decisions more accurate.

Are they really making a movie about my life staring Jared Leto? You have got to be f****** kidding me.  I’m glad I don’t have to look myself in the mirror on this one. – M. Morbius from Greece.

Morbuis, solid letter.  I have nothing to add.

If you are ever in the mood to discuss comics or collecting with a blogger, please feel free to contact us using the Contact GoCollect site on the web.  And as always you are welcome to post questions and comments on social media.  We all attentively scout the comments for any snip-it that can make our egos content.  Happy speculating!

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