GoCollect – Changing Collecting for Video Game Enthusiasts

by Cassaundra Thomas

banner01_VG GoCollect - Changing Collecting for Video Game Enthusiasts


Several years ago, GoCollect exploded on the comic book scene with an online price guide and detailed analysis tools for graded comic books. 8 months ago, GoCollect rolled out a state-of-the-art Visual Search technology that has changed the game for comic book collectors. Now, GoCollect will be rolling out similar technology to video game collectors complete with an online price guide as well as buying & selling tools.

The video game price guide will be the first phase of the launch, followed by Visual Search technology, which enables users to get real-time fair market values by scanning or uploading a picture of a graded video game. In addition to real-time sales data, subscribers will also get access to modeling and analysis tools for video games similar to what GoCollect offers for comic books. Video game collectors are encouraged to sign up for technology updates to stay in the know on all the rollouts!

This technology will be sure to change the face of the video game collecting industry. GoCollect’s mission is to empower collectors by giving them access to collecting information that, for years, was hard to come by. 

In celebration of the launch of the video game technology, GoCollect is sponsoring the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. In addition to displaying games and select comics, GoCollect will also be giving away sealed video games in various drawings and participating in Saturday night’s live-auction.

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