GoCollect 101: Sorting Values

by Douglas Ohlandt

032923C-2-1-1024x536 GoCollect 101: Sorting ValuesAre you new to GoCollect or looking for a refresher on all the data we provide? Or maybe you’re in need of a guide to navigate you through the treasure trove of information here. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Hop on board for a journey across the GoCollect universe.

Sorting Overall Values by Sales Date

We’re onto the third stage of our voyage! This is where we discover the many search functions that allow us to parse the data that GoCollect provides. Remember last time I mentioned that we would be returning to that header that includes CGC, CBCS, and Search?

SearchHeader GoCollect 101: Sorting Values

Go ahead and click on Search and…

SearchSold GoCollect 101: Sorting Values

This gives us all the sales by the most recent sales date looking backward through time. This is an incredibly helpful tool if you’re interested in sales volume over a period of time. A quick glance tells us that seven copies of Incredible Hulk #181 sold between March 26 and March 30 in grades ranging from 9.4 to 3.5. Want to see more than just the 10 that appear on the first page? Just click on the drop-down with the number ‘10’ and you can see 25, 50, or even 100 entries per page in your search. You can also select the columns that appear by clicking on the ‘columns’ drop-down.

Want to reverse the chronology and see the first sale as opposed to the most recent? Just click on ‘sold’ and you’ll see the first recorded sale of a graded copy of Incredible Hulk #181.

Next Stop – Sorting Values by Price

SearchHeader-1 GoCollect 101: Sorting ValuesYou can also sort by price. Just click on the price and you’ll see the results from lowest to highest. But you don’t want to see results with Incredible Hulk #181 selling below $200 in any grade. That’ll just make you want to cry. Click on ‘price’ again and the results are listed from highest to lowest.

SearchPrice GoCollect 101: Sorting Values

This is a very handy tool. Many will tout the highest sales price for a comic, but that information isn’t worth much if it’s taken out of context. In the case of this comic, the highest price paid is $138,000 for a copy graded 9.8. However, looking at the next highest prices paid reveals amounts between $102 and $90K, making that $138K look very much like an outlier.

A Trip Through Sorting by Grade

Let’s leave Search now and go back to the CGC grades. Just click on CGC in that CGC/CBCS/Search header.

SearchHeader-3 GoCollect 101: Sorting Values

We’re back on that main listing of CGC grades. Scroll down and click on the 6.5 grade.

ValuesData1-2 GoCollect 101: Sorting Values

See how ‘Price’ and ‘Sold’ are clickable items? You can perform the same sorting functions by grade as you did in our previous sorts. Everything works the same way with the added bonus that clicking on the grade automatically reveals sales dates from the most recent looking backward. Want to know the highest price paid in the 6.5 grade? Click on ‘Price’ twice.

6.5Price GoCollect 101: Sorting Values

And here are the dollar amounts paid from highest to lowest. As with other sorts, you can expand the number appearing on each page and select the columns that appear.

GoCollect Doesn’t Just do Comics…

For the purpose of this blog, I used a comic book. But GoCollect also has price guides for graded Video Games and both graded and raw Concert Posters. The same rules apply!

On to the Next Stage

Your GoCollect 101 voyage is now complete, but this is just the start of your journey. Pick your favorite comic and go through each of the stages yourself. You’ll be amazed by the comprehensive data that can be found on GoCollect! Let us know if you’re looking for more information on all the data and search functions that GoCollect provides.

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Upgrade2_Footer GoCollect 101: Sorting Values*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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