GoCollect 101: Looking up Values

by Douglas Ohlandt

032923C1-1024x536 GoCollect 101: Looking up ValuesAre you new to GoCollect or looking for a refresher on all the data we provide? Or maybe you’re in need of a guide to navigate you through the treasure trove of information here. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Hop on board for a journey across the GoCollect universe.

First Stop – A Sample Comic

IncHulk181-1-201x300 GoCollect 101: Looking up Values

So, you’re looking for all the information you can find on a particular comic. Let’s say that comic is Incredible Hulk #181, the well-known first (full) appearance of Wolverine.

Here’s your first clue as we dig for treasure: did you know if you’re starting off with our blogs, you can just click on the comic title and it will carry you right to its main page? It’s a nifty shortcut if you’re looking for additional data than what’s provided in the blog.

SearchBar-1024x219 GoCollect 101: Looking up Values

Let’s say you’re starting off on the home page instead of with the blogs. Well, there’s a search bar right at the top of the dashboard. Just type in the comic name and number – in this case Incredible Hulk #181 – and voila – your search results are there.

SearchResults-1024x458 GoCollect 101: Looking up Values

We want the original in this case, so just click on the one with Nov 1974 below the cover and prepare for a mind-blowing adventure.

Next Stop – The Main Comic Issue Page

TopofIssuePage-1024x641 GoCollect 101: Looking up Values

Wow! Already you can see that X does indeed mark the spot. Here’s where the wonder of the GoCollect universe truly shines. A first glance at the top of the page tells you all the basic information you need to know about Incredible Hulk #181.

You can see that this is a key issue and why. Artists, Writers, Publisher, Editors – they’re all here. The publication date, the cover price when it was published, and the number of pages in the comic complete all the basic information for identifying this book. But wait, there’s more…

A Trip to the CGC Census Data

CGCCensusTop GoCollect 101: Looking up Values

Look over to the right. See that section titled CGC Census? This is where you can find everything you need to know about the full census of copies of Incredible Hulk #181 graded by CGC.

Looking for a quick glance at the data? Just hover your mouse over the dots in the graph and you’ll know how many copies there are in each grade and whether they’re universal graded copies, signature series, restored, qualified, or conserved.

Underneath the graph is information on the total number of graded copies and that data is broken down further to reveal the number of universal graded copies, signature series, etc., and what percentage they are of the whole population. But that’s not enough for you. You’re looking for more. Well, just scroll down.

CGCCensusScrollDown GoCollect 101: Looking up Values

All the census data is broken down even further into individual grades, from 9.9 all the way down to 0.5. Take a look at the 8.0 grade. We can see that there are 1,134 universal copies in this grade and that all copies 8.0 and above represent the top 37.5% of all the universal graded copies.

GoCollect Doesn’t Just do Comics…

For the purpose of this blog, I used a comic book. But GoCollect also has price guides for graded Video Games and both graded and raw Concert Posters. Same rules apply!

On to the Next Stage

Stage 1 of your journey across the GoCollect universe is now complete. Join us on the next stage as we journey further and discover… the sales data!

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00080221C_Green-Footer GoCollect 101: Looking up Values

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Marc Fain March 31, 2023 - 7:44 pm

Thanks for the overview. Can you please explain the difference between universal graded copies, signature series, restored, qualified, or conserved. May as well include CGC no grade (NG) to the mix seeing NG can be slabbed as well.

Douglas Ohlandt March 31, 2023 - 8:28 pm

Marc – Universal graded copies are the blue labels that haven’t received signature series, restored, qualified, or conserved grades. Signature series are those that have received signatures as witnessed by CGC – they only verify signatures they’ve witnessed. A comic receives a restored grade if anything foreign was added, e.g. color to cover up color breaks on the cover, pages from another copy added to replace missing page, etc. and/or it was trimmed. Conserved is for comics that have had repairs to preserve the structural integrity, e.g. staple replacement, tear seals, etc. Qualified is for things like missing coupons or unverified signatures. NG is for coverless comics or those missing 1/2 or more of the pages. Here’s the page from CGC’s site if you’re looking for more detail: https://www.cgccomics.com/grading/labels/.

Frank Brusque April 1, 2023 - 4:55 pm

Good essential information.
I wish GoCollect’s would expand their coverage to raw comics. Considering the expense, hassle, and nearly year-long turnaround times for getting books graded, I’d bet there are a lot of your readers who would appreciate similar information like this for non-graded comics.


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