Gift Card Giveaway: Our First $100 Winner and More!

by Jeff
gcard Gift Card Giveaway: Our First $100 Winner and More!

Alan in New York is our first $100 winner! As announced by Andrew, we’re giving away $100 in gift certificates every day until the end of the year! While most days, we’re splitting this into five $20 gift certificates, Friday, December 5 was when we decided to give the entire $100 to one lucky shopper!

We congratulate our winners, and everyone to keep shopping with! Our $20 gift certificate winners from last week are as follows:


  • Scott in Colorado
  • Jonathan in Maryland
  • Perry in Arizona
  • Brian in Washington
  • Christina in Florida


  • Mark in California
  • Ethan in Georgia
  • Mario in Pennsylvania
  • James in New York
  • Anais in France


  • Nicole in Massachusetts
  • Michael in Quebec
  • Charles in California
  • Mohammed in New York
  • Joe in Oregon

We’re going to pick keeping winners until 2009, so check here every day for updates! We’ll also be posting winners in the blog here every Monday.

Questions? Comments? Ideas for more giveaways? Post them below!

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