GI Joe Origins #5: Missing In Action?

by Jeff

apr090862e GI Joe Origins #5: Missing In Action?Sharp eyed ComicList reader Chris Bono brought to my attention talk on various forums regarding the lack of GI JOE ORIGINS #5 in comic shops. It seems many people are saying it did not ship this week, despite being listed on Diamonds Distribution’s role call of available comics and graphic novels.

Per Chris, “My local comic shop did not have (or expected to have) IDW’s GI Joe: Origins #5 this week. Apparently Diamond has listed it for shipment this week, but no one seems to be getting it.”

Geek Goggle Review’s Brandon Borzelli: “My store didn’t receive it nor did Midtown Comics.”

From “Was this actually released today? My comic book store always gets Joe books and it wasn’t on their invoice for this week when I inquired about it.” “My store didn’t have any IDW titles (I was also picking up an Angel title). When i inquired if IDW was late, they said “No.” That everything was on schedule. My store is a pretty valid, big store that would not miss an important publisher like IDW.”

From the IDW forums: “I’ll betcha it’s another case where certain warehouses didn’t get their books. More than likely IDW books shipped on the West Coast but the remainder of the country will have to wait until next week. It’s happened before.”

Strangely enough, IDW listed it on their website (and many other comics) as having shipped today.

So, did anyone reading this see GI Joe Origins #5, or any IDW titles today in their local comic book shop? And if they did not ship, why not?

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