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jun090946e GI Joe #8 REVIEWGI Joe #8
IDW Comics
Dixon & Gallant

The latest issue of GI Joe takes the story in a totally different direction. This issue is all about Snake Eyes interacting with someone. It’s a good issue. When you consider one of the key characters in the comic doesn’t talk this is a pretty amazing feat. I enjoyed the comic, but it does continue the very slow burn approach, so it’s clearly not for everyone.

geekgoggle GI Joe #8 REVIEWAs a result of the comic taking its time to unwind plots it’s juggling a bunch of plates over a lot of issues, so the recap box is a help. However, I still forgot about Flint finding Destro’s castle. Eventually Cobra shows up and Destro becomes a servant of Cobra. Flint calls in for some backup.

The main plot involves Snake Eyes seeking out Mainframe to help validate Cobra’s existence. Mainframe went AWOL at some point in the past for drinking too much of the Cobra Kool-Aid. Snake Eyes figures if he can prove Cobra is real then Scarlett’s trial will end as it would validate all of her actions.

The AWOL situation is interesting because the GI Joe ranks seem to be filled with these renegades. Mainframe is completely AWOL, while Snake Eyes is operating without orders in the field and Scarlett is assisting him against orders. Additionally, Chuckles never came back from his mission and Helix (see the one-shot) is also a rogue agent of sorts. All of these stories actually help to make Hawk look like a weak character. This can’t be the overall goal of the GI Joe comics, but that’s the way it’s shaping up. Hawk is becoming the Kommandant from Hogan’s Heroes.

Mainframe and Snake Eyes make this comic. They have an odd chemistry. It’s not all Mainframe dialogue based either. In one scene, Snake Eyes finds an adult magazine hidden on a book shelf and he gives a stunned reaction. The comic is very funny in many ways. Mainframe provides a good buffer for the reader and Snake Eyes as we see the lighter side of the Silent Master.

The comic ends as Mainframe starts to piece together where Cobra may be located. They set out on a road trip for Springfield.

The story does characterizations better than anything else. This issue is almost totally action-free and yet the story flies by. Stalker, Destro, Cover Girl and many others all have smaller parts that still give them all a chance to shine on the stage.

The artwork has its moments. For example, the previously mentioned scene where Snake Eyes is in the background sniffing around Mainframe’s shelves is extremely detailed but also has subtle elements to it. However, the artwork has a couple of tough panels as well. The depth on the panels where Flint is spying on Destro was extremely difficult to follow. It seems like a coloring or shading problem, but still it was very difficult to tell what was happening.

GI Joe is dripping plot out like syrup from a bottle, but this comic in of itself is entertaining. I wonder, though, how difficult it would be for a newer reader to jump on with this comic. In some ways, it would be easy as we’ve barely seen Cobra, but on the other hand there is so much going on in the mini plots I can’t imagine they would get all the references. I liked this issue and I’m glad to see Snake Eyes in a different light and a more down to Earth Joe, Mainframe, getting some time in the spotlight. This was a good comic.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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