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geekgoggle GI Joe #1 REVIEW

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GI Joe #1
IDW Comics
Dixon & Atkins

GI Joe returns with a reboot in this issue. It actually doesn’t feel like a reboot. To me, it just feels like GI Joe was missing for a while and IDW found them out in the desert somewhere. This is because Cobra is not really in the issue and the Joes that are in the issue feel familiar. The issue is a good starting point for what looks to be a slow burn of an arc that introduces the core characters.

nov084134e GI Joe #1 REVIEW

For the most part, the issue centers on a couple of incidents. A cargo ship has something hidden in the bulkhead that shoots up the boat and ends up sinking the ship. A sketchy man gets a visit from a strange assassin who can basically turn to dust as a means to escape. All of this, plus the whispers of Cobra popping up in the background. That’s the plot but not the whole comic.

The comic takes some time to establish Duke, Scarlett and Beachhead. We learn a little about Beachhead’s past and we see how abrasive Duke and Scarlett’s relationship is. The issue gives small glimpses into others, like Hawk and Shipwreck as well.

The issue does a great job of repeating names of the characters that float in and out of various scenes. It also makes use of editorial boxes which is virtually foreign in comics today. I realize some might not like these items but I personally found them helpful and reader friendly.

The comic receives a huge assist from the artwork in making the reboot feel easy. For the most part, all of the characters look unique and have easily recognizable characteristics. No, I’m not talking about someone like Snake Eyes, but someone like Frostbite versus Dusty. Out of their traditional costumes they could potentially blend in, but here they have very distinctive looks to them even in regular army duds. The art may feel a little bit too much like a cartoon, but it really fleshes out major details from backgrounds to facial features.

The issue is a good start. The story is introducing players and giving some plot to simmer in the background but this issue doesn’t jump off the pages with a huge battle. At least not yet. I feared the reboot. I feared for the worst actually. This is the start I was hoping for if it was to hook me at all. I’m eager to see the next issue.

3 out of 5 geek goggles

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