Ghost Rider Trending

by Matt Tuck

Midnight-Sons-art-GR-31-300x200 Ghost Rider TrendingThree Ghost Rider keys from the 1990s have been quietly coming alive, and that could make for interesting speculation possibilities.


As with most things Marvel, it all comes down to the MCU. Whether it is on the small screen or the silver screen, Marvel Studios piques collectors’ interests like nothing else. And Ghost Rider could make a huge impact whenever he reaches a Marvel movie.

Robbie Reyes appeared in Agents of SHIELD, so Ghost Rider is already in the MCU. The problem is that, first, he was featured in an unpopular show. Second, Robbie’s involvement was short-lived, and he has not been seen since then. That leaves me wondering if Robbie will be swept under the MCU rug and forgotten along with every other part of Agents of SHIELD.

Definitely, there is a bigger plan at work for Ghost Rider. He nearly starred in his own Hulu series before plans were changed. Why would Marvel executives do this? My inclination is that Kevin Feige and company have something else in mind for GR.


Ghost-Rider-1-194x300 Ghost Rider TrendingGHOST RIDER #1 (1990)

I have speculated before that Danny Ketch is the most likely choice for the next MCU Ghost Rider. Marvel Studios has shown a propensity to move away from what other studios have put on screens. We already saw this with the Spider-Man: Homecoming films, with a re-imagined Peter Parker and villains not yet seen in live-action. Even Jamie Foxx’s return as Elektro will have a different look in the third Spider-Man MCU film. 

When it comes to Ghost Rider, Marvel has tipped its hand. Using Robbie Reyes instead of Johnny Blaze in Agents of SHIELD was a way to add diversity and distance itself from the Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider movies. 

With Johnny Blaze ruled out and Robbie Reyes already in play, who does that leave? The Ghost Rider of the 1990s, Danny Ketch. 

Ketch’s debut is bringing serious money in the high grades. At a 9.8, it has a 90-day average of $297. Two years ago, this was a $140 comic. Of course, that three-month fair market value is skewed by a suspicious $1,186 sale from October 18. Even if we toss out that four-figure sale, Ghost Rider #1 is still consistently selling between $200-$300.


The oft-rumored Midnight Sons could be Marvel’s next big team-up. I originally scoffed at the idea when I first read it years ago. In light of recent moves on the cinematic chessboard, this speculation holds water. 

On movie screens, Marvel already has Doctor Strange, and the company confirmed an updated Blade reboot is on the agenda. Since Marvel and Sony are seemingly connecting their movie-verses, Jared Leto could bring Morbius into the MCU. That leaves Ghost Rider as the missing piece, and it is a certainty that he will barrel into the MCU sooner or later. Having GR debut in a Midnight Sons movie would be an eye-popping introduction for Danny Ketch.

Ghost-Rider-28-1993-198x300 Ghost Rider TrendingGHOST RIDER #28 (1992)

This issue should be on your radar as it is the first appearance of the Midnight Sons as a team. Since the MCU rumors began, Ghost Rider #28 has been getting more expensive. Last year, only four graded 9.8s swapped owners online. In 2020, there have been 79 sales and counting. The most recent sale on November 11 set a record high with its $170 price tag. That gives it a 90-day FMV of $125 after averaging $72 in 2019. Before that, there were not any sales for graded copies. 



Ghost-Rider-31-1992-196x300 Ghost Rider TrendingGHOST RIDER #31 (1992)

Another Midnight Sons key that is quietly picking up steam is Ghost Rider #31. While there have only been five sales between three different grades this year, the fact that collectors are having this issue graded and it is selling is reason to take notice. In October, the 9.8 sold for $116 and $77 for an average of $97. Two 9.6s were sold this year – one for $24 in March and another in July for $79. Finally, there was a 9.4 that brought $45 in March.


The rising interest in these 1990s Ghost Rider keys are a barometer for how much fans want a Midnight Sons movie. If Marvel delivers, these issues will inflate and break the bank, so now is the time to jump on the bandwagon just in case things come together.

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Ghost Rider Trending

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James November 23, 2020 - 5:34 pm

GR 28 is a weak ass cameo where the characters don’t even appear together as a team. Their faces are only seen together in one panel in a vision. GR #31 is actually the first appearance of the actual members together in the same book as a team.

Joseph November 24, 2020 - 1:41 pm

The “suspicous” sale of Ghost Ride # 1 was a CGC 9.8 Newsstand $1186.00. The Newsstand version of this book is very rare in high grade.

Joseph November 24, 2020 - 9:10 pm

” that three-month fair market value is skewed by a suspicious $1,186 sale from October 18″, this sale is a very rare in high grade cgc 9.8 Ghost Rider #1 (1990) newsstand. Thanks for the article Matt.


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