Get to Know Goliath

by Matt Tuck

126569_aad86957a200d1647cdd5d1b8594056aa891942f-194x300 Get to Know Goliath

As with all comic-related movie and television news, there’s always a character making his/her debut on the big screen creating buzz.

This time around, it’s Goliath getting his due in theaters.

Although there have been various Goliaths over the years in Marvel Comics, Laurence Fishburne will be bringing the original Bill Foster version of the character to life when Ant-Man and the Wasp premieres in July.

While most comic fans are at least aware that there is a character named Goliath, his history is not overly famous. On that note, let’s take a closer look at Goliath and lay out the key issues that you’ll want to pick up before July.


When first imagined, Stan Lee and Don Heck created Bill Foster as Hank Pym’s lab assistant way back in 1966 in the pages of Avengers #32. Only later would he gain powers and become a superhero. In this regard, Avengers #32 is not the first appearance of Goliath, but it is the debut of his alter ego, so you don’t want to collect one without the other.

Speaking of collecting, you can get this particular issue relatively cheap, but it is rising. A higher-grade 8.0 is averaging $70, which isn’t bad considering the comic’s age. However, it was at just $48 in 2016, so you’ll want to get this now before it jumps any higher.


It took nine years, but Marvel eventually decided to expand on Foster’s character and give him superpowers. In April 1975, with access to Ant-Man’s Pym particles, he became Black Goliath. Later, after the Blaxploitation era of the 1970s, the name would be shortened to simply Goliath.

Focusing on the collecting side of things, Power Man #24 is a more significant issue since this is where he gets his superhero moniker. It isn’t seeing the price jump as compared to Avengers #32. In fact, it’s actually lost value, though it is showing signs of life. A near-mint 9.6 was selling for around $300 in 2016. Last year, that dropped to as low as $100. By August, it had increased to $275.


By the end of the 1970s, Foster moved from being Black Goliath to taking over the title of Giant-Man. In Marvel Two-in-One #55, he was helping with Project: Pegasus and revealed his secret identity to the Fantastic Four’s Thing. Thing suggests that Foster change his name to Giant-Man, and so he did. In later issues, Foster gave up the name Giant-Man and returned to being Goliath.

While not a major key, fans of Goliath/Giant-Man will want to add this to the collection, and you can do this without too much trouble. Still, like other Goliath keys, this comic is seeing a price jump. Back in September 2016, a graded 9.8 Two-in-One #55 sold for $65, while just last month, the same grade rose to $76.05.


Bill Foster’s saga came to an end 40 years after Lee and Heck brought the character to life. In 2006, as part of the epic Civil War storyline, Goliath joined Captain America’s superhero registration resistance and fought alongside the iconic character. The Tony Stark-created Thor clone, Ragnarok, killed Goliath during a skirmish. A near-mint 9.8 sold for as much as $49.99 last September, but it generally stays around the $30 mark.

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