Get Ready For Man-Thing

by Matt Tuck

101921B-300x157 Get Ready For Man-ThingWhere is Man-Thing? Marvel Studios has teased him twice, but all has gone quiet on that front. Fear not because Marvel’s monsters are coming, and the Man-Thing will be with them.

Looking back, Thor: Ragnarok may have been Marvel’s ultimate troll on the fans. Sure, WandaVision had its infamous “Bohner” joke when we were led to believe the Fox-verse of X-Men films was being established as MCU canon, but at least we were let in on the joke. Ragnarok, on the other hand, still plagues the Marvel faithful.

In 2017, Taika Waititi blew minds with what was surely a preview of things to come. As the camera panned across the Grandmaster’s tower of arena champions, we clearly saw the faces of Beta Ray Bill, Ares, Bi-Beast, and possibly the Nightcrawler (and not the one from the X-Men, either). There’s also the clear image of Man-Thing. man-thing-300x207 Get Ready For Man-Thing

While Beta Ray Bill may be the most talked-about character featured on the tower, Man-Thing has been the most firmly established in the MCU. After Ragnarok, he was directly mentioned in an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Then came WandaVision’s Nexus commercial that featured a drawing of Man-Thing. 

Yet, we still have not seen him, and there is no word on when he will arrive. The day is coming, my friends, because the monsters are coming.

Beginning with the Darkhold in WandaVision, the age of the supernatural MCU is coming together. There’s Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which has been touted as closer to a horror movie than anything Marvel has produced so far. Don’t ignore the Blade reboot, and the fact that Loki established vampires in the Multiverse. Disney+ has Moon Knight on the slate, and his show will undoubtedly delve into the supernatural and paranormal.

Recently, word spread that Marvel Studios is looking to cast a Latino actor for Werewolf by Night in a 2022 Halloween special. We can’t forget that the Sony-verse is linked to the MCU, and that means Morbius is in the mix, too. Savage-Tales-1-228x300 Get Ready For Man-Thing

All that is left is Man-Thing, and it would seem Marvel was saving him for just this occasion. Before he debuts in the MCU, here is the essential Man-Thing collecting list.

SAVAGE TALES MAGAZINE #1: The Debut of Man-Thing

Told in a Bronze Age backup tale, Man-Thing made his debut in this 1971 classic.

In the story, scientist Ted Sallis was developing a compound to protect U.S. troops from chemical warfare when the mixture altered his DNA, transforming him into Marvel’s very own version of Swamp Thing.

fear-10-200x300 Get Ready For Man-Thing


Otherwise known as simply Fear #10, this is the first time readers saw Man-Thing on the cover art.

Not only that, but it also happened to be the first solo story featuring the monsters of the marshes. 


During the Bronze Age, when the Comics Code Authority loosened its restrictions on horror characters, Marvel Comics went full force with the monsters.

marvel_premiere_28-192x300 Get Ready For Man-Thing

 It culminated in one of the company’s most beloved teams, the Legion of Monsters. The Fantastic Four of the supernatural, the group was comprised of Ghost Rider, Morbius, Werewolf by Night, and Man-Thing. 

THE HORROR WAVE: Where in the lineup is Man-Thing?

Vampires, werewolves, and spirits of vengeance are all on the way to the MCU, so why not a Man-Thing? We’re finally getting Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and it could mean that those Man-Thing teases are ready for a payoff. 

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Douglas Cowley October 20, 2021 - 10:49 am

Man Thing’s 1st cover is actually Astonishing Tales #13, his 3rd appearance…Otherwise, great article… 🙂

Joe Croce October 20, 2021 - 12:30 pm

Actually Astonishing Tales 13 was the first Man-Thing Cover. Came out two moths ahead of Fear 10. And his first comic book appearance is Astonishing Tales 12.


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