Get Greedy at the Selfish Sale!

by Jeff

The holidays are past–whew!–and it’s time to take stock: did you get what you really wanted this year? Chances are, there were a few duds from well-meaning givers. I mean, a Chia head is nice, but unless you can make it look like Mr. T (note, from personal experience: you can’t), it hardly qualifies as a memorable gift.

selfishsale1 Get Greedy at the Selfish Sale!

Take heart! You can get what you really wanted at the Selfish Sale, which runs until January 31. Don’t be afraid to get greedy–we’re offering select statues at 25% off, and hundreds of toys at 30% off. This includes such awesome items as Transformers busts, Bettie Page statues, Minimates, Mighty Muggs, and G.I. Joe action figures. So start shopping now!

So, does anyone have any funny or terrible gifts they’ve received–or given–this year? Any significant New Year’s resolutions? Post them below!

Author : Elisabeth@TFAW

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