GERONIMO STILTON Graphic Novels To Premiere At SDCC 09

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51U2I3EvMFL._SL160_ GERONIMO STILTON Graphic Novels To Premiere At SDCC 09Media Release — Papercutz is premiering its new series of Geronimo Stilton graphic novels at the San Diego Comic-Con. Art from the first books will be available for viewing at the publisher’s exhibit-hall booth (#2046) and during its panel discussion on Sunday afternoon, July 26, from 3 to 4 pm in room 2.

If you don’t know Geronimo Stilton, then you’re probably not a kid. Geronimo, star of bestselling chapter books for kids age 9 through 12, has appeared in volumes selling more than 30 million copies — including 7 million in the United States and nearly 2 million in Canada. What’s more, a series of animated cartoons is in production.

Geronimo’s a mild homebody mouse newspaper editor who falls into adventure and danger all over the world. In the graphic novels, Geronimo goes on a series of time-traveling adventures in which he must stop his arch-enemies, the evil Pirate Cats, from changing history. Books #1 and #2 will arrive at stores in August.

The first Geronimo Stilton graphic novel — “The Discovery of America” — sees Geronimo and his thrill-seeking sister Thea meet Christopher Columbus and must save him from the Pirate Cats. The second graphic novel, “The Secret of the Sphinx,” puts Geronimo and Thea even further into the past. The Pirate Cats are angry at the ancient Egyptians for putting a man’s face on the Sphinx’s catlike body. Geronimo has to stop them from destroying the Sphinx, or worse! The third graphic novel, “The Colosseum Con,” will appear in November. Each book is a 56-page full-color hardcover priced at $9.95 (United States) and $11.95 (Canada).

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