George Perez To Be Guest Of Honor at MegaCon 2009

by Jeff

The Orlando MegaCon, the largest comic book multi media event in the Southeast is pleased to make its initial announcement of guests for its 2009 convention. The Orlando MegaCon will take place Feb. 27-March 1, 2009 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

Legendary artist George Pérez will be the Special Guest of Honor at MegaCon 2009. In a 30+ year career in comics, George has illustrated Avengers, Fantastic Four, JLA, Wonder Woman, and a host of other seminal comics titles. He is hard at work on his next project from DC Comics, Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. This will be George’s first scheduled convention appearance in over a year, as he took 2008 off the convention circuit.

In addition, MegaCon is proud to announce additional comic guests including:

* Jimmy Palmiotti, writer of Back to Brooklyn
* Amanda Conner, artist of Green Arrow/Black Canary
* Darwyn Cooke, writer/artist of The Spirit
* Adam Hughes, artist of Wonder Woman and Tomb Raider
* Ethan Van Sciver, artist of Green Lantern
* Paul Pelletier, artist of Guardians of the Galaxy
* Jim Cheung, artist of Young Avengers
* Ron Marz, writer of Witchblade and Dragon Prince
* Steve McNiven, artist of Wolverine and Civil War
* Chuck Dixon, writer of Robin and Nightwing
* Brandon Peterson, artist of Uncanny X-Men
* Greg Land, artist of X-Men
* Nelson DeCastro, artist of Action Comics
* Mark Waid, writer of Flash, Captain America, and Fantastic Four
* Tony Bedard, writer of Birds of Prey and Exiles
* And Chris Claremont, Marvel Comics’ legendary X-Men writer, who shepherded the title for over 20 years.

The MegaCon guest list is constantly growing. Check frequently for more updates.

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