“Geek-lactus!” Premieres On Marvel.com

by Jeff

Media Release — Behold, the coming of…Geek-lactus!

In the ever-expanding universe of toys, games and collectibles—keeping you updated on new releases now just got way more fun. Introducing Geek-lactus, the brand new monthly Marvel.com (www.marvel.com) video series hosted by Marvel’s own Jesse Falcon.

Geek1 "Geek-lactus!" Premieres On Marvel.comGeek2 "Geek-lactus!" Premieres On Marvel.com

In the premiere episode, Falcon delivers the details on Hasbro’s latest 3-¾ inch Marvel Universe Action Figure line, Sideshow Collectibles statues, Kotobukiya’s busts, Hot Toys’ super-smokin’ Iron Man designs and more!

Watch Geek-lactus, Marvel.com’s #1 source for toys and collectible news, now at http://www.marvel.com/news/toystories.7678 !

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