Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 11/12/08

by Jeff
geekgoggle Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 11/12/08

Brandon Borzelli’s Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 11/12/08

Here are this week’s comics ranked prior to reading them:

7. Lone Ranger #15
6. Action Comics #871
5. Green Lantern Corps #30
4. Mice Templar #6
3. Nightwing #150
2. X-Men: Magneto Testament #3 of 5
1. Wolverine #69

Here are the rankings after the first read through with a mini-review:

7. Wolverine #69

Millar, McNiven, Vines & Hollowell

The filler issue of the arc wasn’t worth the wait and isn’t much of an issue. The saving grace for this issue was the art. Given virtually no story to work with the artwork carries pages and pages of nothing and adds depth and charm to them. The issue spends six pages with Wolverine riding the Spider-Mobile through buildings to rescue Hawkeye with virtually no dialogue. Then they are chased for three pages – again limited dialogue. Then four pages escaping the moloids and then four pages riding across the country and six pages setting up a conversation that will take place next issue. This issue was completely forgettable. I recognize that in the middle of a trade it will read nicely, but we waited months for this and it simply didn’t give us anything in the story department.

6. Action Comics #871

Johns & Woods

A fairly good issue. Although the inside credits list this as “Part 2” by my count it’s Part 3 and yet the triangle on the front depicts it as “4”. Editing gaffs aside, the issue quickly advances the idea that the Zod supporters will be up to no good. It feels rushed but the Kyptonians are already breaking ranks. The fight with Doomsday is so ridiculous I cant imagine the status of this character has plummeted this much. The interaction between General Lane and Luthor is outstanding and is the highlight of the comic. The artwork had highs and lows and suffers from some consistency problems. The issue ends with the appearance of two heroes (depicted on the cover) whose importance is lost on me as I’ve never seen or heard of them before. It’s a nice issue but this is two underwhelming issues in a row after a fantastic opening one.

5. Green Lantern Corps #30

Tomasi, Gleason & Buchman

A good issue. There are two stories here. The Guardians visit the sapphire lanterns on a peace seeking mission while Kyle and some lanterns investigate the baby stealing Sinestro Corps member. The mission with sapphires has good tension but it was a little strange. Did the Guardians really think they would say “cease and desist” and the sapphires would obey? I’m still not even sure what the sapphires were doing wrong in the first place that led the Guardians to investigate them. Of course, the Guardians get there and find some stuff to complain about, but that’s another story. The artwork made brilliant use of color, as always, which made the issue a very good visual story. It’s a strong issue in this series yet again.

4. Mice Templar #6

Glass & Oeming

After a long, long wait, we get the conclusion to the opening story. The priests try to convince Cassius to take Karic under his wing. Karic unknowingly unleashes some proof that he is the chosen one. Meanwhile, we get some insight into the world of the rats, mouse king and the politics of the whole story. It’s an interesting situation for the ruling government. The comic is a full read as it is packed with information page after page. The artwork continues to have its points where it is difficult to identify one mouse from another. I enjoyed the comic. If only it would ship regularly.

3. Lone Ranger #15

Matthews, Cariello & Cassaday

The arc concludes with a very satisfactory story. The Ranger solves the crime in court room drama fashion. They deliver their own style of justice and everyone goes home happy. The town’s folk have their own plans for the newly discovered murderer though, which shows just how much of an uphill battle the Ranger is fighting. The arc felt one issue too long but this one really tied up the story nicely. It’s a solid read and you really don’t need the previous issues in the arc to catch up to speed as the Ranger pretty much recaps it when he delivers his evidence.

2. X-Men: Magneto’s Testament #3 of 5

Pak, Di Giandomenico & Hollingsworth

Magneto’s family is chased to Poland and then the Nazis show up and things get really bad. First they run and hide and then they are put in the ghetto and then starved and finally pushed to the breaking point. All the key holocaust facts are in here. The death trains, the gas chambers, food rationing, the Star of David armbands, etc, etc. It’s a horrifying read. Magneto shows real signs of his mutation at the end, but it’s such a side note compared to the entire issue. This historical account could be more gruesome but it restrains (for now) from being too vulgar. Still, I find myself bracing for the worst page after page. It’s an excellent story.

1. Nightwing #150

Tomasi, Kramer, Leisten & Ramos

Another round with Two Face! This comic is great because it gives so much foreshadowing about Nightwing’s coming fate. He has some great interaction with Oracle and he has a terrific battle with Two Face. The comic has fantastic artwork as it appears to really age Nightwing into manhood. The scene with his battered and scared body is very Batman-esque. The story may be part of the larger arc, but this story is almost entirely self contained. The character has really matured and seems ready for the next step. If you have room in your budget then check this one out.

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