Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 08/27/08

by Jeff
geekgoggle Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 08/27/08

Brandon Borzelli’s Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 08/27/08

Here are this week’s comics ranked prior to reading them:

8. Final Crisis Superman Beyond 1
7. DC Universe Last Will & Testament
6. Star Wars Legacy #27
5. X-Men Legacy #215
4. Star Wars Rebellion #16
3. Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #2
2. Wolverine #68
1. Kick-Ass #4

Here are the rankings after the first read through with a mini-review:

8. Final Crisis Superman Beyond #1 of 2
Morrison, Mahnke & Alamy

I loved the 3-D art. I thought it was really cool. Beyond that this issue was a total drag. I’m not reading Final Crisis main and I hit gold with two tie-ins – Rogues’ Revenge and Requiem. This pushed the envelope I guess. This issue had Supermen from other “Earths” and they were in some limbo place trying to save something from some monitor servant. I was LOST. I didn’t even buy Superman leaving Lois at her bedside. I guess if I had a better hold on the DCU this issue would be cooler, but I only enjoyed the 3-D aspect and that isn’t worth $4.50.

7. DC Universe Last Will & Testament
Meltzer, Kubert, Kubert & Dell

This issue was a nice story, but it didn’t connect the way Requiem did for me. This issue is about Geo-Force trying to get revenge on Deathstroke. I know nothing about either of them so references about sons and sisters don’t mean anything to mean. While in Requiem I knew nothing about Martian Manhunter the issue made me learn and care. This issue had me not caring if either one of these two character died (or both for that matter.) However, I did like the ending as it was different and I didn’t see it coming. Throughout the issue I didn’t recognize some of the characters, like the priest, so their meaning was also lost to me. There were a couple of interesting moments with Batman and some others, but that isn’t enough for a $4 cover charge. This one is really for those ingrained in the DCU.

6. Star Wars Rebellion #16
Williams, Weaver & Glass

This was a good issue but not great. Vector leaves Luke and Leia in an odd wrap-up. Basically the Sith artifact takes a hold of one of them, but the keeper, Celeste, decides she wants it back. This kind of was a cheap way out I felt. I also didn’t like the escape and the character portrayals with regard to the escape. This should be essential Star Wars reading as it deals with the core characters from the original trilogy, but it just comes up a little short. The art is really good as it captures the actors from the movies very well.

5. X-Men Legacy #215
Carey & Eaton

I’m digging this issue and series. I got the vibe for this thing down cold. Xavier confronts Cyclops and treats him like a child (again). As a side plot Rogue deals with Mystique living in her head. Both confrontations work really well. The depths that Xavier manipulates is down right evil. Cyclops plays him though too. It’s a really good character issue. While I was reading it I kept hearing the line from Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here: “Running over the same old ground…” Xavier just keeps pushing his agenda no matter how much Cyclops tells him he’s a moron. Very good issue for those that like the X relationships and damaged egos.

4. Star Wars Legacy #27
Ostrander, Francia & Anderson

I liked this issue a lot. Generally I like every issue from this series, but I didn’t expect this one shot to be any good. But, we get Sith manipulation at its best. You just cant trust those Sith even when they are just heading out to the library or visiting a cemetery. If you like this series and were thinking about passing over this issue I wouldn’t, only because it deals with the immediate aftermath of Cade escaping the Sith temple from a few issues ago. It’s excellent.

3. Wolverine #68
Millar, McNiven, Vines & Hollowell

Another strong issue. There was a couple of things that kept it from being at the top. For one, we keep running over the ground that Wolverine wont fight and Mole Man eating cities. It’s getting a little tiring. Beyond that, the issue is very violent as new “heroes” get a gruesome fate dealt out by Kingpin. This issue has an excellent twist with Hawkeye’s daughter at the end. The artwork is solid and very graphic with the gore. Not every issue can be number one in a single week.

2. Final Crisis Rogues’ Revenge #2 of 3
Johns & Kolins

I loved this issue. Cold and the Rogues are confronted with a new version of the Rogues. They deal with them in clear villain fashion. It’s excellent storytelling and outstanding artwork. The close-ups of Cold and his anger are outstanding. Add in the emotions of the others and the art tells a terrific story by itself. There were some problems with word balloons and keeping track of Cold’s hood and glasses, but that only kept it from being number one and not from being a great comic book.

1. Kick-Ass #4
Millar & Romita Jr

Violence and graphic. Clever and funny. This comic runs through all the items I like in a story. It’s got three parts and each are excellent. First we have the continuation of the violence from last issue which contains many body parts getting cut off. Second, Dave deals with some guilt and tries to get back to basics in his life. Finally, a real villain arrives and is not happy. The artwork is so great in this issue you literally don’t need to read a word to get the story. The expressions on the faces is priceless. You got to be ready for the blood though. Wow, is it bloody. Now if this comic could ship monthly I’d be happy.

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