Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 06/18/08

by Jeff
geekgoggle Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 06/18/08

Brandon Borzelli’s Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 06/18/08

Here are this week’s comics ranked prior to reading them, based upon past performance and advance information released on each issue:

8. Transformers Movie Prequel Special
7. World of Warcraft #8
6. Transformers Spotlight: Wheelie
5. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #30
4. Flash #241
3. Transformers Spotlight: Cyclonus
2. Wolverine #66
1. Star Wars Legacy #25

Here are the rankings after the first read through with a mini-review:

8. Flash #241

Peyer & Williams II

This title cant make up its mind about what it wants to do issue to issue, let alone arc to arc. Flash spends an awful lot of time dwelling on Inertia in this issue. What’s that you say? You thought he was dealing with Spin and Gorilla Grodd. Well, they make a quick exit and are pretty much a non factor in this issue. That leaves this arc without a villain. This issue throws in the kids again and adds in some unnecessary rapid aging for one of them. If this recap is confusing, well, that’s because this issue is confusing. The artwork is a highlight and also, amazingly enough, this issue is new reader friendly because it picks almost nothing up from the previous issues in this arc! If you are keeping score at home this arc has jumped from Wally being broke and looking for a job to him fighting the media then fighting Jay Garrick, Spin and Gorilla Grodd then Spin and Grodd fighting each other and ends (so far) with the Flash fighting a fire in his museum and saving Inertia. My friends I cant recommend any part of this title.

7. Transformers Movie Prequel Special

Ryall, Furman, Figueroa, Wildman, Burcham, Robbins and Adams

Speaking of confusing I present to you the official leftovers issue of the Transformer Movie continuity line from IDW. To be fair this comic gives two stories for 32 pages of content which is a very welcome thing. However, IDW already published a Prequel story last year that covers much of this issue, but only with minor tweaks. The first part covers Starscream and how he came to leave Cybertron and follow Megatron to Earth. It should be worth noting that this was also covered in the current Reign of Starscream mini series for the most part. The major difference is this rendition of Starscream looks nothing like that depiction of him. When you already have one comic line differing from the other in terms of how the Transformers look can you really afford vary even further? The best part of this story was seeing how the Decepticons landed on Earth and scattered just prior to the movie’s opening. This was a really well done part to the story with excellent action. The second part of this issue shows the landing of Bubblebee and how he tried tracking down various Witwicky family members. This was good except didn’t last year’s Prequel story show an entirely different landing for Bubblebee? You really have to had loved the movie to want this issue. It truly felt like I was reading scraps left on the editor’s floor or even the concepts table.

6. Transformers Spotlight: Wheelie

Furman, Scherwinski & Burcham

I knew coming into this story that it was pretty much a standalone issue, which makes you wonder who deemed Wheelie worthy of this type of recognition. This comic even has a tiny story on the back cover making fun of this very thing, which won some brownie points. This issue deals strictly on Wheelie crash landing on a planet and trying to survive. Think Castaway and you pretty much have it. I liked it. It was kind of creative and cool to read about a robot trying to survive in the wild. It had some moments of humor, such as when a creature ate Wheelie’s arm, which helped keep the story from trying to be too serious. The art was a little rustic, but it fit for this type of story. They even tossed in some D list Decepticons. As an added bonus they teased the presence of an old 80s Transformers living on this planet as well. Throw in five pages of sketches and notes and you have a pretty nice little comic. The issue I picked up had the retro cover which I thought was very fitting for this story.

5. World of Warcraft #8

Simonson, Buran & Moore

This issue deals with the return of the king! Well, actually two kings. This issue explores a whole new problem for Lo’Gosh, Valeera and Broll. If you thought Lo’Gosh was going to prance back into his kingdom and put the crown back on then you are in for a treat. Basically, someone in the kingdom found an imposter to “return” and Lo’Gosh and company are trying to figure out the root of the deception while fighting off those that want him dead. This issue was good because it added a real mystery and a multi layered plot. I liked the issue and, of course, there was a nice battle as we’ve seen in every other issue. Add in a new character to hang around Lo’Gosh and you have a pretty good issue. The artwork has a new team and a new look. I found the art to be more dark and a bit more edgy. That doesn’t make it bad, just a different look to get used to. New readers would be lost in this issue, which is a shame. This comic is pretty good.

4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #30

Miller, Dazo & Atiyeh

Zayne and Gryph are about to get killed by one of the Masters who framed Zayne. This Jedi, Feln, was convinced by his people to fight Zayne hand to hand. Like a dummy, he agrees and all hell breaks loose. This comic has a lot going for it. One, it has a lot of action. Two, it has a ton of plot threads to follow. Three, it throws a surprise or two in the issue. And finally, it has very interesting characters and moments for them to show that quality off. I personally enjoyed the artwork as well, but it does have a cartoon like feel to it. You would think a failed Jedi student wouldn’t stand a chance against a Jedi Master, but this comic tells a very believable story as to how Zayne could stay alive around this guy. I recommend this issue to anyone, even new readers.

3. Star Wars Legacy #25

Ostrander, Duursema & Parsons

Speaking of issues that have a ton going on in it, we have Legacy. This issue brings Cade and crew to the hidden Jedi temple. With them, the Imperial Knights hitch a ride in secret via a traitor in Cade’s crew. The Imperials want an Alliance with the Jedi. The Jedi want to hide and regroup for a few decades. Cade wants to set up an assassin force to kill off Darth Krayt. Add in that we find more Jedi alive hiding in this temple and this issue has everything you could be looking for in terms of plot and potential future storylines and characters. Stellar art is a pillar for this comic and this issue is no exception. This arc can go any number of ways from this point and that’s when you know you have a really well crafter story. I cant say this issue is new reader friendly, but if you like Star Wars, even just a little, this is the comic you should be reading.

2. Transformers Spotlight: Cyclonus

Furman, Su & Carter

Okay, so this is the regular Transformers continuity comic coming out this week. Cyclonus finds Cybertron destroyed and finds some Autobots to kill as part of his revenge. This issue is really good because it ties a lot of threads together. From Ultra Magnus, to the prison break, to Optimus Prime to Hound and company, they all make an appearance in this comic. Also, a very big surprise gets unleashed at the end of this comic making this thing all the better. The one odd point is that Cyclonus is basically a zombie. It makes for a really odd concept to grasp. How is a robot undead? The artwork is top notch. This issue tries to recap stuff for new readers but that just isn’t possible.

1. Wolverine #66

Millar, McNiven, Vines & Hollowell

I knew from reading various interviews that this comic was very similar to the movie the Unforgiven. It is so like it I cant even explain it. Logan is a pig farmer with two kids and no money. He’s a reformed killer (super hero) who is trying to forget the past and deny who he is or was to anyone who brings it up. Something pulls him on an adventure, in this case, Hawkeye offering money to help with a shady deed. Now we wait for the pot to boil over and for Logan to return to being Wolverine. The only real difference in this comic versus the movie is that Wolverine’s wife is alive (for now). The comic is outstanding. The stripping of all that was Wolverine was done within five pages. You end up forgetting how deadly this guy really is or was. Add in that he took a pounding and didn’t even try to fight back and we have a fully neutered Wolverine. It’s a great comic and I don’t think you have to be in the tank for Wolverine to like it. Sure, it’s a future story that doesn’t tie to the continuity but would you rather have more Wolverine Origin stories? I simply cant recommend this comic enough.

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