Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 05/29/08

by Jeff
geekgoggle Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 05/29/08

Brandon Borzelli’s Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 05/29/08

Here are this week’s comics ranked prior to reading them, based upon past performance and advance information released on each issue:

8. Uncanny X-Men #498
7. Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #29
6. X-Men Legacy #212
5. Star Wars Dark Times #11
4. Batman #677
3. Green Lantern #31
2. King Size Hulk #1
1. GI Joe America’s Elite #35

Here are the rankings after the first read through with a mini-review:

8. King Size Hulk #1:
Loeb, Admas & Cho

What a huge disappointment this issue was. I knew going in that it contained a lot of reprinted material, but the new story handed to us was not even close to $5 cover charge. Hulk fights She-Hulk – much of which was covered in previous issues of the Red Hulk – literally. Banner reminisces about the horrors that the Abomination has done throughout his life. Also, the Red Hulk beats the crap out of Wendigo. It was such a let down for a “new” story. I can’t recommend this even for the die hard fans for this cover price (even with the great artwork). If you nitpick there isn’t even 22 pages of “new” material in this King Sized comic.

7. Batman #677:
Morrison & Daniel

I was so confused with this issue. Why would Batman invite his girlfriend into the Batcave and reveal information about a case he is actively working on? This very notion was lost on me and I found it very distracting. The big reveal in this issue is the revisiting of everything you thought you knew about Bruce’s parents. As disturbing as this was it might be explained away later in the story. But as an individual issue, this one was bizarre in terms of Bruce’s behavior. I can’t say it was a bad issue, but it just had an uneasy and unfamiliar feeling to it.

6. GI Joe America’s Elite #35:
Powers, Bear, Shoyket & Quinn

This issue wasn’t terrible, but was a letdown nonetheless. Three separate teams of 4-5 Joes attacks three Cobra bases and all achieve their objectives with limited resistance. None of this was remotely realistic in the context of this story. It was so forced and was so 80s cartoon-like I found it embarrassing. Storm Shadow had some great scenes, but it wasn’t enough to help this issue. I found myself finishing it and thinking, “We built up ten issues for this?” which is not a good thing to think. The bar was set too high and there had to be a stumble at some point I guess.

5. Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #29:
Jackson Miller, Dazo, Atiyeh & Weaver

This issue was solid. Not a ton happens, but it is interesting nonetheless. Basically, Zayne and Gryph go to the Sith artifact warehouse and try to gather evidence that proves that Zayne’s former Masters are evil. Also, one of his former Masters gets elected to the Jedi Council. A lot of groundwork was dropped down for future threads. It was a good issue, but could have been better if some of the artifacts were explored a bit more.

4. Uncanny X-Men #498:
Brubaker & Choi

This issue had two halves to it. One, we learn some of the background behind the hippie redux in San Francisco. Two, we watch Wolverine and company get tortured. For me, the torture provided a ton of entertainment. This scene raised some interesting questions and brought about a villain returning. The San Francisco thread shows other X-Men who have been sucked in and one is a head-scratcher in terms of continuity.

3. X-Men Legacy #212
Carey & Eaton

This issue is very good. I finally have a grip on this story’s purpose. This issue gives us Gambit’s memories and view on Xavier. It’s very good. We also get more about the overall plot that does tie into the people Xavier is seeking out. This title has a lot of possible directions and it looks like it will keep you guessing as to who is a friend and who is a foe.

2. Green Lantern #31:
Johns & Reis

The revisit of Hal Jordan’s origin takes us to his training on Oa. This issue is very, very good. You don’t need to know a ton about Jordan or the Lanterns to understand this issue. However, familiar characters make appearances that will interest long time Lantern fans. This issue really captures the youthful and reckless view of Jordan. Add in stellar art and this is a great issue all the way around.

1. Star Wars Dark Times #11:

Harrison, Wheatley, McCaig & Charest

Vector moves to Darth Vader. This issue is outstanding. Vader has a Sith artifact expert help him find the chamber that Celeste is stuck in. Vader wakes her and it ain’t pretty. As a side story, Bomo and the crew are witness to all of this as captives. One thing the issue does really well is using Vader as a menacing figure. All this and we get a nice surprise from Zayne and Gryph that made me laugh out loud. This issue has helped Vector to really have some meaning. A nice intro helps out the new readers.

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