Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 04/23/08

by Jeff
geekgoggle Geek Goggle Weekly Rankings For 04/23/08

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Here are this week’s comics ranked both prior to purchase and then after one read through.

8. Mice Templar #4
7. Hulk vs Hercules #1
6. Uncanny X-Men #497
5. Star Wars: Dark Times #10
4. Transformers Spotlight: Grimlock
3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #27
2. Hulk #3
1. Star Wars Legacy #22

After reading them once they ranked with a mini review:

8. Transformers Spotlight: Grimlock – Mistakes, unpolished art and a boring story did this issue in. I dont understand why, of all the open threads from Devastation, that this one was addressed. Beyond that, where is the quality control for IDW? You ask someone to pay $4 for a comic the least they could do is do a quick read through to make sure the issue is up to snuff.

7. Mice Templar #4 – A great issue, which shows how good the quality of the comics this week. Pilot shows his ugly side and a mouse seems to die in the end. It’s a very good issue.

6. Hulk vs Hercules #1 – You get some Herc and some Hulk. Sure the artwork has a lot of hands in the mix, but in a way it kind of fits the story. The story does have potential seeds for future stories.

5. Uncanny X-Men #497 – Wolverine and company run into some big trouble in Russia. Scott and Emma begin to peel the onion in San Fransisco. This issue moved incredibly fast and has things up for an very interesting ending to this arc. The artwork is stellar.

4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #27 – This issue finally explains the Vector thread – somewhat. Zayne continues to walk among those who might befriend him or could kill him. This issue has less jokes and more of a sense of urgency. I find myself liking the new characters in this arc.

3. Star Wars: Dark Times #10 – Wow! For a dark series, this issue doesnt have much death, but it sure is uplifting in a morbid way. The heroes do some heavy duty killing and some of them find courage they didnt know they had. This series is excellent and this issue fits right in. The artwork improved for the finale of this arc.

2. Star Wars Legacy #22 – For a filler issue we get an excellent story. The seeds of a new alliance are planted. The Sith strike back. Krayt gets busy with his lightsaber. Plus, we get some new characters in the mix. This issue is a well crafted capper to the arc of the Alliance’s fleet admiral. Star Wars may be about Jedi, but it is also about space battles and revolution. This issue touches that aspect of it and does it very well.

1. Hulk #3 – I love this series. It’s not slow at all. It’s packed with action and some mystery. Let’s face it though, all signs point to the Red Hulk being……. ___ right? The highlight of this issue’s art is the coloring. If you like huge things beating the crap out of each other then this is the issue for you. Did I mention Banner isnt in his cell anymore?

Consolation: X-Force #3 and Batman #675 were looked over in the LCS and passed over. Maybe next week’s stack will contain them.

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