Geek Goggle Reviews: Who Is Jake Ellis? #1

by Jeff

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961517 Geek Goggle Reviews: Who Is Jake Ellis? #1Who Is Jake Ellis? #1 of 5
Image Comics
Edmondson & Zonjic

One of most intriguing comic ideas to come along since Nick Spencer’s Existence 2.0 hits this week with an interesting opening issue. ‘Who Is Jake Ellis?’ promised a good gimmick and this issue delivers that throughout the issue. While we may not know the details of the gimmick, it is definitely showcased. However, the issue didn’t grab me fully because of the story around the gimmick. This was a decent first issue to the mini series but I will be looking for more in the way of story for the next one.

The first six pages of this issue reveals the gimmick in brilliant fashion. Jon Moore is in a meeting of some importance with some powerful thugs. As they elicit information from Jon, he seems to be talking to himself about something entirely different. Without warning Jon starts shooting and makes a run for it. Then we are treated to a rewind of sorts as we watch the events play out as Jon saw them. You see, Jon has a guardian angel, one only Jon can see, advising him. The angel is Jake Ellis and he seems to be capable of letting Jon know when to duck and how to kill someone but he can’t predict the future. Well, I guess we are still figuring out what Ellis can and can’t do. It’s a terrific idea and it’s executed flawlessly.

The rest of the issue has a lot more of the same. Jon gets himself into situations and the story takes him from place to place while Ellis advises him within split seconds of pending death. Unfortunately, all that can be made of the story is that Jon is apparently on the run from multiple government agencies for reasons unknown. There just isn’t enough from this issue to piece together a story beyond that.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Who Is Jake Ellis? #1Zonjic’s art is very reminiscent of Sean Phillips, especially his work on Sleeper or Criminal. This is fitting because of the nature of this issue. The issue moves around like a Brubaker noir story. The characters are bounced from situation to situation where the only real connection is that some sort of event triggers the unrelated second event. However, this art style is very much an acquired taste. While one may love it for the drama it presents another may dislike it saying its flat and one dimensional. It’s definitely not a stock super hero style of art.

Having heard about this mini series months ago I have been looking forward to picking this issue up. I can’t say I was blown away by the issue but I was very impressed with the introduction of the series’ gimmick and the main characters. I am hoping this mini series has a story that will take the reader on a wild ride. This issue just didn’t deliver that level of story. However, I’m on board for the next one and I think that’s a good thing for an introductory issue to do: bring the reader back for more.

3 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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