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by Jeff

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972603 Geek Goggle Reviews: Walking Dead #82Walking Dead #82
Image Comics
Kirkman, Adlard & Rathburn

“No Way Out” continues as the community crumbles and the people are tested to their limits of survival over loyalty. This issue manages to bring a high level of mystery as various characters become cut off from one another leading the characters (and the reader) to be unsure about who has survived and who has not. Overall this is another excellent read as Kirkman proves again that when its time for chaos he knows how to push the reader’s buttons. I can’t wait to see how he ends this arc.

As you may have suspected based on the nature of the cliffhanger from the previous issue, Morgan isn’t exactly dead just yet. This twist brings some horrifying events. First off, his arm is looped off almost without warning in hopes of saving him from the zombie infection. This never ceases to be shocking when it occurs, albeit as infrequently as it does happen. Secondly, as he is being medically cared for, it is up to Carl to hold him at gunpoint in case he turns zombie.

Carl, in this issue, confirms he is about eight years old. Granted, he’s been through a lot for an eight year old, but there still is some shock value in having a child holding a grown man at gunpoint and pulling off the drama involved in the scenario. Morgan also reveals to Carl that Morgan witnessed Carl murdering Ben. This is all intriguing and powerful areas that are being explored in this issue.

The bulk of the remainder of the issue is spent dealing with the wall coming down for the community. In the confusion everyone either hides or fights basically. Those hiding, soon discover that the community is overrun with zombies. This basically leaves the reader hanging in terms of the survival of those that stood and fought. The characters in hiding debate making a run for it. This seems to be against the values of the community but is it character’s true colors showing or just raw survival kicking in?

Every single issue of this series is more than worth the price of admission. Kirkman knows the characters and knows how to turn that on the reader as he finds new ways to stretch them into uncharted territory. Obviously the writing is one half of the equation of what makes this series so special. The other is the art.

Adlard makes the Morgan and Carl exchange serious, dramatic and haunting. Adlard knows precisely what expressions work to make a character seem untrustworthy. However, as always, Adlard excels during the violence of the zombie attack. The details that Adlard brings to these images are simply mind-boggling.

As usual this series comes down to one question: who will die? Obviously there is a lot more to this arc and this comic book but that’s what is most likely on everyone’s minds. In between the deaths, Kirkman keeps the reader guessing and he keeps the tension high. Just when you think you know a character he changes that character’s make-up. All of this makes for a fantastic read. Take a chance if you haven’t read this series yet. You may get hooked.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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