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by Jeff

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dec090416d Geek Goggle Reviews: Walking Dead #70Walking Dead #70
Image Comics
Kirkman, Adlard & Rathburn

Rick and company arrive at the “town”. The issue surrounds around the very initial introduction of the town, the life there and some of the characters in it. It’s a good issue, but what would have been a very nice issue was turned on its side with some of the stories told by the characters within this issue. It leaves the reader with a very uncomfortable and skeptical feeling about the town’s inhabitants. That makes the issue stand out and pushes the new story into a good direction.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Walking Dead #70As the leader of the main group, Rick is immediately presented with the town’s leader, Douglas. The new character is instantly different from any other character as we find out this character was a Congressman before the world collapsed. This presents two different feelings. One, he seems like he knows how to keep people together and make a society work. On the other hand, the stereotype about not being able to trust a politician sits right out in the forefront of how this character, and his wife, acts.

One of the first things Douglas leads with in talking to Rick is about a story he saw on TV before the world fell apart. It’s a twisted tale about a drugged up dad mutilating his child in horrifying fashion. It’s uncomfortable to read and it puts the Congressman’s mindset into question. This story is then seemingly matched to one of the town’s kids seen playing with Rick’s son. Is this paranoia or is it a sign of something to come?

The rest of the issue sees Rick and some of the crew return to what used to be a normal life before zombies. It’s interesting to see these characters in these elements prior to having to run around the wilderness looking for food.

The issue does a great job of keeping trust between the two factions at a minimum. As always, the comic book sits on the edge of everything going to hell at the turn of the next page. The beauty is the waiting and the build up. This issue is all build up and it’s fantastic. Folks are going to die, it’s just a question of when.

The artwork is outstanding. The visual transformation of Rick is the highlight. How long has it been since we’ve seen him without a beard or long hair? To draw this level of transformation without losing any of the character’s true features is pretty amazing and commendable. Adlard’s forte may be drawing action and zombies but he knows how to make the characters his own in this book.

This comic book introduces the next big character, Douglas, and begins to reveal the nature of the town and its residents. It might sound boring but there is a great exchange between Douglas and Rick and then between Douglas and Andrea that keeps the issue on a high level. Add in that there is a preview of a series called Turf and you have a very good read. I definitely recommend this comic book.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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