Geek Goggle Reviews: Uncanny X-Men #525

by Jeff

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apr100621 Geek Goggle Reviews: Uncanny X-Men #525Uncanny X-Men #525
Marvel Comics
Fraction & Dodson

Second Coming rolls on with Chapter Ten this week. The issue doesn’t really move along any plot as it focuses on moving pieces into place for the big finish. If this sounds familiar it should because it seems like the previous issue did the exact same thing. One of the main criticisms I have with events or crossovers such as this one or Blackest Night is that it seems the length is predetermined and the creative team simply stretches the story to fit the issue length. It is clear there wasn’t enough story for fourteen chapters. This issue is basically filler and yet it was strangely one of the better issues of the crossover.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Uncanny X-Men #525The most important piece to the entire comic book occurs in the first four pages. Hope explodes on Cyclops. She has anger towards him because he sent Cable on a seemingly suicidal mission into the future. However, there is clearly more at work here because Hope reveals, in her anger, glowing red eyes. Much like Cyclops’ red eyes. This opens many possibilities as the pieces are starting to fit together.

In the crossover Messiah Complex the infant baby that grows up to become Hope is born in Alaska. This is the same region where the Summers family originates from. Suddenly it seems like Hope may be a Summers, but just how is she related to Cyclops? With the injection of time travel it seems the baby could be just about anyone’s. It doesn’t seem likely that Hope is Jean Grey reincarnated.

The rest of the issue is basically split into two parts. One portion involves the greater Marvel Universe trying to help out the X-Men science team tap into the giant bubble covering the rest of mutants. The other piece is X-Force in the future setting things up for the solution to invasion of the Nimrods.

The issue is fine enough but the drawback is the same for previous issues in the crossover. This comic book has strange characterizations. Cyclops and Xavier acting as if nothing happened between each other may be the strangest. Even during the Messiah Complex crossover the tension remained as the two were unable to work together. There are others that seem bizarre, such as the random nature of the inclusion of Fantomex and his quote from the Watchmen.

The artwork is what you would expect from a Dodson comic book. It’s heavy on the details with a smooth look. Add in the bright coloring to add depth and some drama, such as the Hope and Cyclops confrontation, and you have a terrific visual story.

The latest from Second Coming throws in a good issue. It doesn’t really bring anything new in terms of plot or even a movement towards a resolution. However, it has some decent elements in it making it an entertaining read. This issue stands out as one of the better ones in this crossover, but it still hardly leaning on the memorable side of things.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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