Geek Goggle Reviews: Trillium #5

by Jeff

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1651574 Geek Goggle Reviews: Trillium #5Trillium #5 of 8
Vertigo Comics (DC)

Trillium continues to be a slow building story but this issue turns out to be a unique comic book because of the format in presenting the comic. The entire issue is done in split page fashion and while this might seem gimmicky at first, once completing the comic book it becomes apparent that the tactic is befitting of the story. This is a good comic book that executes with a clever idea. I recommend checking this out and I assume those already picking this series up will enjoy the issue that much more.

The setup for the issue is that the two main characters have seemingly switched places. The woman from the future who is trying to save humanity finds herself in the 1910s back in England. While the British adventurer finds himself in the future, trying to save the human race. The trick here is that each character seems to have dragged their supporting cast along with them, but the others are acting as if they belong in their switched spots.

Each story covers half of each page and the comic is setup where you read front to back, but only focusing on the top half of the book. Then you go back to front, but reading the bottom half of the book after turning the comic upside down. It really is two complete stories in one book.

The other aspect of the comic that is appealing is that the only other character that seems to be able to shed any light on this massive character misplacement is a computer of all things. This type of story where the reader knows more than the characters makes for a thrilling read. It’s not quite on the level of “don’t open that door!” but has a similar feel to it.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Trillium #5Lemire is a gifted artist. He brings characters to life with a style that looks cartoon-like at first glance. However, upon studying the line details the reader gets a deeper appreciation of the style. The character expressions, especially in the eyes are fantastic and add something extra to this story.

Trillium is mostly a fun ride. The characters seem to have spent a few issues feeling each other out with little plot movement occurring. It’s made for a frustrating read at times but this issue clicks in several spots. What appears to be a gimmick is really a better way of telling two distinct stories without separating them into two issues or two stories within the issue. I liked this comic and recommend checking it out.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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