Geek Goggle Reviews: Transformers Regeneration One #83

by Jeff

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1133497 Geek Goggle Reviews: Transformers Regeneration One #83Transformers Regeneration One #83
IDW Comics
Furman, Wildman, Baskerville & Bove

Picking up where the Marvel run ended some twenty years ago, this series had some good possibilities, but based on what I see in this issue I now think this series has great possibilities. The third issue of the resurrected Marvel Transformers series moves the pieces into place for a terrific showdown while taking others and sending them off into subplot directions that will have arms and legs for issues to come. Simon Furman proves he is a master story teller that also happens to have captured the voices of the characters to perfection. This is the kind of comic book that is nostalgic and progressive all at the same time. Terrific read for fans of the genre.

The main objective is to get Megatron and Optimus Prime to square off which is difficult because they are on different planets. Two Wreckers, Topspin and Springer, find themselves on the burned out planet Earth while looking for Kup. They meet up with Spike, a friend from many years ago. However, they get educated on how everything went down in the years since the Autobots left Earth and it is not pretty. While this is going on, Optimus Prime gets an understanding of the missing Kup and gets word that Megatron lives. The stage is set for a showdown.

The book is a great read because of the story elements. There is a lot to like whether it’s Megatron barking out his vengeance and taunting the Autobots or it’s the Obi-Wan/Luke moment that Optimus and Hot Rod share. There is a lot character work in this book as these small plots begin to build and build. Furman brings a unique voice to these characters and he has the knack for making them seem important in even their small tasks.

geekgoggle Geek Goggle Reviews: Transformers Regeneration One #83The artwork is definitely retro with a modern twist. The book feels a lot like the old Marvel book or the cartoon, but the details present a more modern take on them. These aren’t the Bay Transformers to be sure and the box-like nature lends itself to providing a ton of detail, which is done to perfection. I found this book to be visually very impressive for capturing the 1980s feel but making the book suitable for 2012.

I missed the first two issues and was a little apprehensive dropping in on the middle of an arc but I loved it and I found myself picking up right from the start. If you have any interest in following the classic Transformers then I urge you to try this out. It looks to be a slow building story but Furman is building something special here so you might not want to miss out on it.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles

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